17 New York Moments to Give Thanks For

  1. You walk down the subway stairs and your train arrives.


2 When a cab pulls up before you’ve even stuck your arm up all the way.


3 No line at Trader Joe’s.


4 Seeing a show at UCB and Tina Fey is a surprise guest.


5 Seeing a show at Comedy Cellar and Louis CK just shows up.


6 When you jaywalk and don’t get hit by a taxi (12 times a day).


7 Finding an amazing holiday dress in omg-just-your-size at a one-day-only sample sale.
8 When you make eye contact with an impossibly attractive person on the street and share a smile.


9 When a movie hits NYC theaters days/weeks before the rest of the nation.

10 Every bite of your morning bagel with schmear.
11 Every bite of that slice of pizza.

12 Every drink of your bottomless brunch.

13 Not falling asleep on the subway on the way home from bottomless brunch.

14 Showing up for karaoke night on a Thursday and your group is the only one at the bar.

15 Each of these 11 moments when the MTA doesn’t fucking suck.

16 When it snows and you don’t have to shovel shit.

17 Dropping your rent check in the in the mail: proof you can somehow afford to live in America’s most expensive city!

What are the New York moments you’re thankful for?


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