11 Beautiful Sunsets Over New York City

I’ve been feeling kinda down lately. In a what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-me-I’m-such-a-loser kind of way. Ugh. When I’m feeling blue I like to watch the sky turn from blue to brilliant. Can I turn like that too, please? Watching the sun set is easily the fastest way to remember how much beauty there is in this world.

Want to watch one, or eleven, with me? I could use the friendly company. Here’s where we’d go:

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park


  2. The middle of 14th Street

  3. Sitting on a rock in Central Park


  4. W 157th Street on the pathway above the cemetary, next to the highway

  5. The Met Rooftop


  6. The 30th Avenue stop on the N train


  7. The balcony over looking the parking lot of Metlife Stadium (not technically NYC but the NY Giants play there so it sorta counts)

  8. One World Trade Observatory


  9. Battery Park straight across from the Statue of Liberty


  10. Hudson River Park


  11. The fire scape of my apartment
    Do you love watching sunsets? Where’s the place to see the best sunsets NYC has to offer? Anyone know how to predict how colorful a sunset will be? I honestly have no idea! Sometimes clouds help, sometimes they ruin everything! Honestly, the not knowing adds to the magic and the beauty.


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