Brooklyn Black Tie Ball and After Party!

I wish every event I attended had an open bar and an enthusiastic dance floor.

Better yet, I wish every event I attended raised one million dollars for a wonderful NYC cause.

Okay, okay, I know that’s silly. I don’t want to become an alcoholic and I’d rather not get my party heels resoled every month. People would run out of money, the city economy would crash…maybe? Is it a surprise I know nothing about finance? What I am of course trying to say is this: the Brooklyn Black Tie Ball was super successful and the after party was incredibly fun.


The sold out event did in fact raise $1,000,000, an impressive jump from $625,000 last year. It’s going to be amazing to see all the awesome free events this enables this coming year! The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is dedicated to providing free and low-cost events for the public. Educational events, cultural events, recreations you got it. There is always something worth seeing in this park. On Thursday night that thing was this black tie ball!


I showed up for the after party hosted by the Conservancy’s young professional group, the Conservancy Currents. So alas, I missed the three course meal and the guest of honor, former mayor Michael Bloomberg. If there was ever a champion of NYC parks, it’s Bloomberg. He made them a major priority as mayor; by the end of his final term 76% of city residents lived within a ten minute walk of a park. Thanks, Bloomberg! You’re no longer running for office and you still do great things for the city’s parks!

So I might have missed Bloomberg, but I arrived just in time for dancing!


Guest of all ages tore up the dance floor with the kind of energy and joie de vivre native to Brooklyn.




At this event I learned I like taking pictures on the dance floor almost as much as I like dancing!


Thanks for spinning sweet tunes, DJ Herbert Holler from the Freedom Party! You did as much for this party as Bloomberg’s done for New York City parks!


As you can see, I snapped away like a maniac. I feel pretty great about capturing the energy and enthusiasm that was this after party!


After snapping this picture, this lovely lady insisted I hand her my camera and take a picture with her date. Um, okay? I’m not one to say no especially when I thought it was hilarious!


[EDIT: I’ve been informed that he’s Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money! His wife clearly thought I was haggling for a paparazzi shot, haha! They were so nice.]

Don’t worry! There’s a better picture of me from this event!


My first black tie event! Well, technically “Brooklyn black tie” was the dress code.  Of course this inspired jokes of “does that mean I should wear a flannel over a gown?” and “will they turn me away if I DON’T wear hipster glasses?” Here’s the true meaning folks: “Brooklyn black tie, a fun and slightly less formal take on the standard.” I was definitely on the more formal side and I loved it. I wore my fancy new camera, in its funky pink leather case, as a purse: I’m calling that the perfect “Brooklyn black tie” accessory.


Let’s not forget the view! The twinkling lights of Manhattan against the inky black sky, the best ball backdrop in North America.


Before next year’s Brooklyn Black Tie Ball (which I’m already looking forward to and I bet you are too!) we have hundreds of Brooklyn Bridge Park events to look forward to! For the most up-to-date scheduling of Brooklyn Bridge Park programming visit and follow the park on Facebook, Twitter @BklynBrdgPark, and Instagram @BrooklynBridgePark.

My volunteering offer from the preview post still stands! I’ll keep you posted about my plans to volunteer with the park and hopefully some of you can join me! Even without an open bar (but maybe flasks?), it’ll be fun!




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  1. I laughed when you didn’t know who Jim Cramer was because the same thing happened to me when I was in NYC a few years ago on a family vacation. My mom and dad had stopped someone on Wall Street, and my brother and I embarrassingly kept walking, rolling our eyes, thinking my Mom had asked a random broker for a photo-opt on Wall St. Sure enough my dad excitingly ran over afterwards so excited he had just ran into Jim Cramer and my brother and I weren’t as embarrassed anymore! The picture is still my dads FB profile pic 3 years later…! lol! P.S. I’m moving to the city next week and would love to volunteer with you sometime! Keep me posted!

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