Nothing in NYC is More Delightful than Boating in Central Park

There’s little I love more than New York summer nights. Nights where I have no real plans other than spending time with two of my best friends in the world. Nights where the sun doesn’t set until 8:30pm.

We all show up wearing matching outfits. We didn’t plan it, I swear!


This sort of thing doesn’t just happen. We had it as a sign and take it to the next level: SO CUTE IT HURTS. Let’s go boating!

Cutest NYC Activity: Boating in Central Park

Boating in Central Park

If you ever in Central Park, do yourself a favor and decide, spontaneously, to go boating. Really, there’s nothing more delightful. Especially if you’re wearing matching outfits.

Boating in Central Park boats

The price of renting a boat for an hour in Central Park? $15
Watching your friends attempt to row? Priceless. 

Boating in Central Park rowing



Times we heard someone singing, “Row, row, row, your boat…”: 1
It wasn’t us singing it! We swear! The bridge is completely ripped apart for construction so the acoustics were sorely lacking for singing!

Boating in Central Park bridge

This is the same bridge I stood on top of a sang to a boat below where a man was proposing to his girlfriend. Remember that? 

Rowing is not the easiest and if you’re three ladies who were last at a gym when Bloomberg was in office… you feel pretty accomplished moving the boat any distance. It’s just enough of a challenge. There was never a moment where I wished we were on a gondola instead, with a strong, straw-hatted man to paddle us around instead. 

Boating in Central Park gondola

But it’s nice to know it is an option! Also fun to watch from a distance!

Rowing a boat…that’s a daily exercise I could get behind… and at $15 for an hour, it’s actually cheaper than most yoga classes! Mark my words, NYC, after I publish this post, Boating in Central Park will become the next fitness craze. Suck it Soul Cycle!

Boating in Central Park New York Cliche

Has anyone ever looked this happy spinning? I don’t think so! 

Am I actually burning any calories? Eh, whatever. You don’t go boating for the exercise. You go because it’s a hell of a good time. And because the view from the middle of the water in the middle of New York City is priceless.


Boating in Central Park views

Boating closes at “dusk” which is about as vague a time there is. We got our boat around 6:30PM, when we got back after our hour, they weren’t letting any more boats on the lake. 

Boating in Central Park cute

Go boating in Central Park. You’ll see families of foreigners, couples on romantic dates, groups of pre-teen boys fighting over ores, and a giggling group of girlfriends in matching reds, who look so happy that some of that joy will rub off on you. 

Looking for a perfect NYC 4th of July activity? This is it! You can find more info in my previous post about boating in Central Park. If you want more boating options: I recommend FREE kayaking on the Hudson!
Have a marvelous long weekend, all who are state-side! And to my international readers, I bet you can cram just as much fun into your shorter break! Thanks for letting me share this boat ride with you!

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  1. What a great holiday! I hope you people enjoyed every movement of boating and your outfits were looking nice. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience with us.

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