Home Town VS Now Town: Giants VS Mets No-Hitter!

I’ve lived in New York for seven years, but I was born and raised and spent the first 18 years of my life living in San Francisco. At least once a day people ask me where I’m from and it’s with great pride I get to say, “San Francisco!” That question is often followed up with, “Which do you like better?” I can’t chose! I love them both!

Well, last night I was in a position where I did chose.

Last night the New York Mets played the San Francisco Giants and I journeyed out to Queens to pretend to care about sports see the game!


It was barely a month ago that I declared the Mets as my favorite New York team and wrote all about what I’d wear to a Mets game. Well, last night I forgot all that and remembered my roots.


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It felt weird. I felt like I was betraying my love of NYC! Rooting for MY home town rather than THE home town is also strange. I was tiny minority wearing my Giants baseball cap, walking around Citi Field. I guess it made me look like a die-hard fan, someone who had traveled far and wide, not just a subway ride, to see this game. Some dude on line for a hot dog yelled something at me about a player and I looked at him and laughed, “You expect me to know what you’re talking about? Hahahaha! Buddy, I’m clueless about sports! I’m here for the beer! Unless you want to buy me one, shut up!”

Giants VS Mets No-Hitter

I thought the Giants would need my love way more than the Mets. That turned out to be entirely wrong. Last night Chris Heston of the Giants pitched a no-hitter. The Mets didn’t connect a single bat with a single ball all night! Apparently this is a big deal in baseball. All my sport-fan friends (yeah I have like, 2) texted me, “You’re at the no-hitter!? No way!” Even the Mets fans I watched the game with thought it was cool, “Well if I have to watch the Mets lose, at least it’s in an epic way!”


My favorite part of the game was watching the one section of the stands that was full of Giants fans. Finnerty’s Bar in Manhattan is owned by Californians and known as Bay Area sports bar. Yep, there are enough California transplants in NYC to warrant our own bar! (It almost makes me want to get into sports! Almost.) Every time the SF Giants play in NYC, a group from the bar rallies to cheer on their team at the game. It was really fun to watch home excited these 50 people got while the rest of the stadium was morose.

The final minutes of the game, no one else was on their feet except these avid fans from Finnerty’s holding their breath that the Mets wouldn’t manage a final hit!

Sorry NYC! I still love you! But I’m really glad I wasn’t rooting for you last night and went with my roots instead!

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