Yankees VS Mets and What to Wear to a Baseball Game

The are 3 types of New Yorkers: Yankees fans, Mets fans, and people who hate baseball.


This is of course, a gross simplification. But if you lived in NYC for a while, chances are you’ll find yourself preferring one of these New York based teams over the other.

If you’re a person who gets really angry when you lose, you’ll root for the Yankees.

If you’re a person who gets really excited when you win, you’ll root for the Mets.

If you care that horizontal stripes are slimming and think orange is unflattering to many skin tones, Yankees are for you.

If you liked Duckie more than Blane in Pretty in Pink: Mets.

If making lots of money is your driving purpose: Yankees.

If you realize it’s just a game: Mets.

Can you guess which type of New Yorker I am?

(If you guessed the 3rd option, that I hate baseball, I totally understand why, but you’d be wrong.)


Yes dear readers, given the choice, I’m a tulips fan!
OOPS! I MEAN METS! I’m a Mets fan!

(But not exactly a loyal one. If you offer me Yankees tickets I’ll totally go. I mean, the stadiums closer to my apartment anyway.)

In celebration of this revelation and baseball season getting into full swing (pun intended), I decided to take on a challenge- how would I rock MLB game day style? Starting from the top of course, a baseball hat! I’m a big fan of hats, though I usually only wear sporty ones when exercising. Fortunately I was introduced to Fanatics, a website that sells all kinds of sporting apparel. With more baseball hat styles than I ever could have imagined, I was excited to take on the challenge!

What to Wear to a Baseball Game?


I had no interest in playing sports growing up, but I was super into playing dress up! So I totally admit to loving this part of going to a ball game. What’s my perfect Mets outfit? Well, the Mets colors are orange and blue, in case you couldn’t guess. I have a ton of blue clothes, who doesn’t, so an orange hat seemed the clear choice to get into team spirit.


I still love dressing up and I still love twirling around when I wear a dress. If you throw a baseball to me, I’ll still probably drop it. I was what you might call a “girly girl” and hell, I guess I still am. Man, some things never change. Actually, if I was still a kid I’d insist on wearing nothing but pink, so at least I’ve grown up a little bit!

I think it’s fun to make a baseball cap “girly” by pairing it with a dress. Especially a skater dress which is a tiny bit sporty. Hmm…I got made fun of the last time I said  “sporty”. I think the word was phased out with “Sporty Spice”. Athletic? Am I supposed to say athletic?


Guys, I’m the worst sports fan ever. But at least I look cute! I got this sweater at a sample sale and I’ve hardly taken it off since. (That may win the title of Most New York Cliché Sentence I’ve Ever Typed.) It’s knit really loosely so it’s basically mesh and it’s perfect to wear over dresses. I don’t make it past the second inning of a game without getting cold, so layering is baller. Boots are too. Plus they’re kinda orange so yay team spirit!

One other great thing about baseball hats that has nothing to do with sports? They make you look like a celebrity! You know what I mean? Wear one with sunglasses and you have the classic uniform of a star who’s trying to be incognito.

OMG, can you even recognize me?

So whether you want to look like a celebrity or support your team, or get your mom a hat for Mother’s Day (or Dad for Father’s Day), Fanatics can hook up up! The site has all the MLB teams and lots of apparel in addition to hats as well. I’d consider adding orange knee socks to my game day outfit….but that might take it too far…
Fanatics also has prices that are soooo much better than what you’d buy at the stadium.  Plus right now they’re offering free shipping!

Sweater (similar): Helmut Lang | Dress: Maison Blanche | Boots (similar): Nine West | Mets Hat: Fanatics

Are you a baseball fan? What team? Do you like getting dressed up for sporting events, or do you think I’m a weirdo? Are you one of my friends from my hometown San Francisco, and you’re never going to speak to me again because this post isn’t about the Giants? (I still love the Giants guys! I have a Giants hat too! I love both coasts!) Are you a Yankee’s fan who is now sorely offended? Are you a dude who is upset I tricked you into reading a fashion blog post? Let me know in the comments!

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    Seattle Mariners fan all the way! (sorry) I, though, unlike you, love love love sports, especially football. Can I still be a follower?? 🙂

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