14 Reasons You Should Watch “The Jane Games” Webseries

Hey guys, this secret’s out.

There is a webseries you should check out called The Jane Games. Why should you? Well, not just because I’m in it (but yes, I am), here let me give you plenty of reasons-

1 You love a good modernization of Jane Austen’s work.

Especially since they’ll never make a sequel to Clueless.

2 A mash-up of high brow and low brow intrigues you. The Jane Games puts Jane Austen’s characters competing together on reality TV.

Sophistication meets guilty pleasure. Flask meets tea cup.

3 After this year’s Oscars, you can’t wait to see more women in the entertainment industry. Like literally can not wait. Like it needs to happen now.

This show features the work of amazing creative ladies in its writing, directing, and leading roles. (But don’t worry there are fellas in it too!)

4 You like shows that are funny, sweet, full of mischief and heart. 

As sweet and hilarious as a face full of cake! (The face is Jane Austen’s, played by Lori Kee)

5 You love the drama of reality TV.

Yep, there’s crying AND throwing things! This has gotta be good! This is our Anne Elliot (played by series co-creator Laura Riley).

6 But you also like the awkwardness and sincerity of real life that reality TV is usually too contrived to show.

A broccoli bouquet is the most awkward and adorable thing ever. Here you have Emma (played by Beth Devlin) and her “brother-like-man”, George (Paul Corning Jr.).

7 (Speaking of awkward and adorable) You love all things nerdy.

Cat Morland (Kristie Wortman) and Henry Tilney (Will Cooper), reimagined as nerdy gamers, might be the cutest couple on the show.

8 You like giving new shows a spin.

But…it’s easier if you already know you love the characters. Like hippy-dippy Marianne Dashwood (Nora Gustuson) twirled by the mysterious “player” (Logan James Hall).

Growing up you loved discovering new stories, you were always that kid with your nose in a book. 

You read Pride and Prejudice before you watched Bridget Jone’s Diary.

10 You love big, romantic gestures. 

And “shipping” couples. You might find yourself rooting for couples that never met in Austen’s books!

Lizzie Bennet (played by series co-creator Jennifer Teska) and Col. Brandon Ryan (Ryan Farley) had some people shipping Brannet after this dance routine!

11 You want to see me play the classic reality TV villain.

It’s not just the editing, my character, Mary Crawford, is a total bitch!

12 There is, and will always be, more room for Mr. Darcy in your life.

Even if he can’t be played by a young Collin Firth. If you give him a try, I wager Luke Wise (playing Darcy on the right) won’t leave you missing Firth.

13 Your ideal entertainment is like wine at an open bar: smooth, boosts your mood, and FREE.

Yep, the series is all on Youtube where you can watch it FOR FREE! See just how horrible this date between Mary (me!) and Edmund Burtrum (Ryan Bender) is for freeeeee!

14 Here’s a reason- If you don’t watch, I might throw tea in your face!

or maybe I’ll creep on you until you succumb to viewing!

or maybe I’ll just lay into you with my bitchiest, mean girl insults! 

Okay, am I actually going to follow through on any of those threats? 


But give it a watch, you might just fall in love-

with The Jane Games!

There are over 17 episodes currently out now, with more coming every Thursday! Check out the first episode below, or on The Jane Games Youtube channel!

I had a ton of fun making these gif, they’re all from episodes of the show!

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