Tom Fruin Stained Glass House on the Brooklyn Waterfront

This weekend was warm and sunny and beautiful. New Yorkers left their apartments in droves. Anyone who wasn’t bedridden was outside. I opted for a trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Remember how much I love the water taxi?

It was a perfect day to finally check out Tom Fruin’s Kolonihavehus. 

This plexiglass art piece has brightened the Brooklyn water front all winter. Being a huge fan of color, I’ve wanted to see it all winter, but couldn’t bring myself to make the trip in the cold. Well, waiting was worth it!


This outdoor sculpture has been all over Europe since 2010 and now it’s in NYC. Back in September, apparently there was a performance art piece that partnered with the stained glass house. Now it stands on its own, in all it’s rainbow, translucent, colorful glory.


When I arrived, it was in partial shadows from the Brooklyn Bridge. I had no problem waiting and watching the sun pass through the panels, enjoying the changing view.


One of the panels was loose. I watched many little kids wish to climb in, but none of them went through all the way. None of them wanted to be so on display, their skin color warped by the shadows. This girl stuck her head in- that’s as far as she got.


Who knows, maybe it was intentional, maybe that’s part of the piece! It certainly added an element of intrigue and risk to the surface beauty. I stuck my hand in the hole to capture a picture.


Behold, the view from inside the Tom Fruin Stained Glass House! Very similar to the view achieved by peering through the walls. Although it is unadulterated by the crowds of people on the promenade.


That’s the Manhattan Bridge through the north side of the house. Not as famous as the Brooklyn Bridge but much better for biking!


And for duck sightings! At least today. The duck is my spirit animal- cute, quiet until surprisingly loud quacks erupt from their bills. Kinda funny when they walk, but oh so graceful when they swim. We don’t put up with your shit, ducks bite you know. Try to chase us, you’ll never catch us.


What? I hold no resemblance to a duck? I didn’t say I looked like one!


How are you still thinking about ducks when my legs are on display? Yes, my BARE legs! It’s the first bare leg day of the season! They may be pasty, but my legs are so happy to be released from the tubing of pants and tights!

I tried to find an end date for the display of Tom Fruin Stained Glass House at this location in Brooklyn. I couldn’t find one! Maybe it’s here indefinitely! Or at least through the summer! If you’re in town or planning a visit, definitely check it out! And walk across the Brooklyn Bridge while you’re at it- fun no matter how many times you do it.


Hope your week is off to a bright and colorful start! (Ugh, in spite of tax day tomorrow! Blehhh.)

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11 thoughts on “Tom Fruin Stained Glass House on the Brooklyn Waterfront

    1. Thank you! I hope you can visit some day too- you’ll have to promise to let me know if you do! 🙂 Come in May if at all possible, it’s the prettiest this time of year! Which means- expect lots of pretty pictures from me (that’s the plan any way)!

    1. awwww you had ducks, that’s awesome! What kind?
      I thought it was strange I couldn’t find an end date for the stained glass house being in Brooklyn! But better safe than sorry- go soon! It’s perfect walking weather- further reason!

    1. I hope so too! It’s such eye candy, looking at it instantly brightens my mood!

    1. Tis the season for nice weekends (she finally replies 2 weeks later…)! You’re so right. This art piece would be awesome in a vacant lot, completely boring back drop. But put it with Manhattan in the background and the scene/experience is spectacular!

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