Don’t Miss Macaron Day NYC 2015!

I’m way more excited about Macaron Day than I was about St. Patrick’s Day. That sure says something about my vices.

Bodes well for my liver, looks bad for my teeth.


Macaron Day is tomorrow, March 20th! In celebration of delightful French cookies (which were gluten-free long before it was trendy) and to raise money for City Harvest, bakeries all over the city give away free macarons!

How do I partake in Macaron Day NYC 2015?

  1. Show up at any participating location. Here is the full list of the 30 participating bakeries!

  2. Tell them you’re there for Macaron Day.

  3. They’ll either hand you a free macaron or let you pick your own flavor, depending on the location.

  4. Enjoy every delicious bite of that lovely little morsel.

  5. Buy one or several for later (or a give away to your blog readers! Yep, details tomorrow) because a portion of Macaron Day sales goes to benefit City Harvest.

  6. Share this blog post and tell your friends so they can have a sweet Macaron Day too!

2014 was the 5th annual Macaron Day, tomorrow marks 6 years of Macaron Day NYC!

Macaron Day NYC Advice

Use part of your lunch break to get a sweet macaron pick me up!

Midtown has the biggest concentration of location. If you work in that neighborhood there’s a good chance you can find a location near your office! The Macaron Day NYC website provides a map, complete with little macaron icons to designate locations.

Plan a Macaron Crawl to visit multiple locations!

Some people plan Beer Crawls with their friends. I plan Macaron Crawls. 59th Street has the easiest crawl, with 4 locations easily visited within 5 blocks. Believe me, it’s really fun to go to multiple locations and compare the different macarons. Francois Payard, the patisserie master who brought this event to New York from Paris, encourages it! The West Village has another good crawl option down around Bleecker Street.

Go early if you can!

Try to avoid the lunch rush if at possible. I plan to start my crawl at 11:30AM. Last year I started at 10AM, yep, locations were open and starting their celebrations that early! This year Macarol Parlour in the East Village is celebrating for 24 hours, from 8AM to 8AM. More info on that here! Some locations may run out of free macarons. You don’t want to see this sign!


March 20th is Macaron Day, The 1st Day of Spring AND International Happiness Day!

With snow on the forecast for the first day of spring, I think New Yorkers are really going to need something, anything to brighten the day. Macarons are perfect! My Macaron Days have always been full of delightful surprises. In 2013 I ran into a swarm of Easter bunnies.


Last year I happened on an International Happiness Day celebration in Washington Square.


You might even get lucky enough to meet some of the pastry chefs renown for their sweet creations!

April, Rose, and I with Chef Florian Bellanger who you may recognize from the Food Network

Expect full Macaron Day coverage from New York Cliché tomorrow

Who knows what delights tomorrow holds! Anything can happen when you’re hyped up on sugar! If you some how need more convincing to check out Macaron Day, you’re tres bizarre click for my coverage of Macaron Day 2013 and 2014!

If you part take in this sweet, sweet day, let me know! Maybe we can even meet up! I’ll definitely be connecting on social media. Look for live updates from me tomorrow on my Instagram and Twitter #MacaronDayNYC. Then expect a full blog post, featuring a MACARON GIVE-AWAY for those of you not in NYC, Paris, or Toronto (as far as I know, those are the only participating cities, désolé).

I’m holding up 7 fingers because I ate seven, yes SEVEN, macarons by this last stop on Macaron Day 2013!


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