The Deal with Transit Wireless and the #SubwaySelfie Contest

You may have noticed the NYC subway system isn’t the dead zone it used to be. Sometimes in the middle of your commute and your phone rings. “Hey! I’m on the train so I might lose signal at any moment, plus I feel rude, but quick! What’s up?” Sometimes, when you need it to most, your “Still on the train! Running late!” email actually sends.

83 subway stations are currently connected with FREE WiFi and 4G. The plan is to get all 279 stations connected by 2017.

“This is what the MTA is spending their money on?” New Yorkers cry. “Trains are delayed all the time and they care more about whether or not I can check Facebook while I’m wait!? Madness! Outrage!”

Calm down NYC. This is not a project of the MTA. This is completely privately funded. New York City residents and riders aren’t paying a penny for it. We have Transit Wireless to thank. They’re on the mission to wirelessly connect the New York subway system. Since their October launch they’ve been trying to spread the word.

Which leads me to the #subwayselfie contest. 



I saw a sign for this contest while waiting for the subway. So of course I took a selfie to enter.


The Subway Selfie.

My train still hadn’t come. So I took another.


The Waiting-for-the-Train Subway Selfie.

Then I got inspired and just took #subwayselfies my whole commute home, wifi or no.


The Light-at-the-end-of-the-Tunnel Subway Selfie.


The What-Is-This-Antique? Subway Selfie.


The How-Can-I-Mix-Up-the-Background-Oh!-A-Subway-Map Subway Selfie.


The I-Hate-Winter Subway Selfie.


The Wait-I’ve-Been-Taking-All-These-Selfies-Sans-Make-Up-GAME-CHANGER selfie.


The Kissy-Face-Cliché Subway Selfie.


The It’s-A-New-Perspective-Because-I’m-On-an-Escalator Subway Selfie.IMG_5702

The I’m-Really-Excited-to-Get-Off-the-Subway! Subway Selfie.

Okay, guys. It’s your turn. I just provided you with a TON of inspiration.

Now through March 25th, take a selfie at any of the WiFi enabled stations, post it on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with the hashtag #subwayselfie and you’re entered to win a $100 Metrocard. Vote for it on their page here (Mine is there! The most boring one I took, I know, but you can vote for it!) and you have a much better chance of winning. They pick a winner for the $100 Metrocard every week. At the end of March they’ll announce a grand prize winner and that person will get an iPad Mini. Not bad just for taking a selfie and using free WiFi, right?

I’m pretty excited about this. A NYC subway platform is a perfect place to read New York Cliché blog posts. Free Wi-Fi will enable this!

Are you glad subway stations are becoming WiFi connected? What are your feelings about selfies? If you hate them, you have to let me know. (Also, sorry!) If my silly subway selfies made you smile, I hope you’ll let me know too!

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  1. Love everything about this post! It’s informative and entertaining. I am totally voting for you and am bummed that I didn’t know about the contest when I was there. If only there was a #bestfightontheLIRR contest. That I would’ve won thanks to the drunk creatures that rode home with me and my crew. Cheers!

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