Coming March 13: Choice Eats 2015

If you’ve ever set foot in New York City, you’ve had to make an agonizing decision. Where do I eat?? NYC is a culinary capital of the world. You could eat out every meal for years and still not try all the good ones. Going out to dinner in this town is basically the epitome of being overwhelmed by options.

So what if there was a festival that gathered 50 of New York’s best restaurants all under one roof? What if they each served up small sample plates of their prize dishes? It’s a no brainer, you’d have to go right? The only question would be How will I have room to sample each of the 50??

Well hallelujah, praise the gods of gluttony because The Village Voice is throwing an amazing event this March. It will make all your indecisive, culinary, and #foodporn dreams come true.

Choice Eats

Choice Eats New York Tasting Event 2015 is coming to town March 13th. In its 8th year, the event features 50 of the best reviewed restaurants from the five boroughs.

Just looking at the lists of restaurants this year makes my mouth water. Combine that with an open bar for craft beers, wine, AND cocktails and I’m chomping at the bit. Oh and did I mention desserts are featured too? Shit, I just drooled on my keyboard. Added bonus: Village Voice has partnered up with Slow Food NYC thus some of the proceeds of the event go to charity!

Slow Food at last year’s Choice Eats! ©Laura June Kirsch

Which of the 50 restaurants am I most excited about? Here are 4:

Kuma Inn LES
I went here once a couple of years ago and I still remember it as one of the best meals I’ve ever had in the city. Asian fusion with a ton of flavor and unlike anything I’d ever really had before. Which makes it hard for me to describe beyond I fucking loved it. (If you want a more eloquent description, click for the Voice review).

Luke’s Lobster East Village

Because lobster. I mean, need I say more? Ok, in September I passed their food truck every lunch time but I never allowed myself to indulge in what many people claim to be the best lobster roll in the city. Here I can finally indulge and see if I grant them that title too!!

Egg Williamsburg

This festival is great for sampling restaurants in NYC that always have a epic wait. Egg is one of those brunch places you have to dedicate an entire morning to getting a table. That won’t be the case at Choice Eats! Southern comfort food is what everyone wants at the tail end of winter, amiright?

The Queens Kickshaw Astoria

Bestowed the title of “Best Vegetarian Restaurant New York 2014” by the Village Voice. Places committed to serving strictly vegetarian food intrigue me. I adore veggies, I sometimes flirt with the idea of being a vegetarian. Then I see and event like Choice Eats and any thoughts of completely giving up meat fly out the window. Now if I could eat at lauded vegetarian restaurants everyday, that would make it easy!

Here are a couple more pictures from Choice Eats 2014:

Love Jacob’s Pickles spread at Choice Eats 2014 ©Laura June Kirsch
Looks so good! ©Laura June Kirsch

I’m hoping to cover this event on New York Cliché! Wouldn’t you like to read all about the actual experience of attending on March 13? You can live vicariously through my taste buds! Or would that make your belly ache with jealousy… Well guess what, if you’re in NYC you can easily taste all this tantalizing food for yourself! There are still general admission tickets available (and easy to purchase online) for $65! Considering how much a meal costs at most of the restaurants featured plus the open bar aspect, it’s a steal!

Click here for ticket info and visit the website here if you have any questions.

Maybe I’ll see you there and we can cheers our tasting glasses and get completely stuffed all together amongst so many awesome chefs!

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22 thoughts on “Coming March 13: Choice Eats 2015

  1. MAN, I wish I still lived in NYC! I’ll have to live vicariously through you from afar…and you can help me figure out the top dining spots so I can maximize deliciousness on my return visits. Mmm. 🙂

    1. That’s a very positive way to think about it! I will weed out all the “good but not INCREDIBLE” places so you can maximize your limited dining time in NYC!

  2. You had me at “craft beers.” Seriously, thanks for the heads-up! That gives me two weeks-plus to lose five pounds so I can can indulge and call it “even.” Can’t wait to read your take on this event.

    1. Hahaha you’re welcome! This is the hardest time to lose weight (at least for me, cold makes exercise even less fun than usual) so good luck with the 5 pounds! 😀

    1. Eat a really great avocado and know that it’s better than any of the avos we can get in NYC these days!

    1. I mean, it is such a worthwhile pursuit…
      Also, the ticket price is equivalent to a Restaurant Week lunch + dinner– in those terms it just seems even more worth it!

    1. You always write such great posts about restaurants! I’ll get some inspiration from your “Eat here” posts!

  3. Hmmm, I feel like you have to start training now, so you have enough room to eat ALL the food. I can’t wait to hear about it on the blog!

    1. hahaha oh man…I wonder if I can expand my stomach with leafy greens….that amount of roughage though- oof. I think I might just wing this one and say a stomach ache is worth it!

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