ALWAYS Take Swag #LikeAGirl

You should never feel entitled to free stuff.

But I did. Shamelessly I did.

I’d been up since 4AM working an event in New Jersey. It was a huge female-centric event with a ton of sponsors. Free yogurt, lotions, lip balms, eye cremes, hair accessories and more passed from my hands to thousands of attendees through out the day. When that was all over, they asked me to stay late to help break down. I agreed. I figured it would all be worth it, I’d be rewarded for being a model employee. There’s always left over swag at the end of these events. It’s one of the big perks of working promotional events.

When I was finally ready to leave I made the shocking discovery: SWAG? GONE. Taken by coworkers who had declined to stay late. I was being punished for being a model promo model. I was PISSED.

I worked my butt off today! I’ve been up since the butt-crack of dawn! I lost my voice pumping up the crowds here! My face hurts from smiling all day! But did I complain? No! I even volunteered to stay late! I deserve free stuff way more than those slackers who left! WAH WAH WAH!

I book these events because I’m friendly and cute. You’d never guess it from this horrible temper-tantrum internal-monologue. I walked out of the event site pouting. IT’S NOT FAIR. I pouted past a group of guys loading a truck. Still pouting, my eyes fell on the boxes they were loading.

They were boxes of Always sanitary pads. Always was a sponsor of the event. We’d been giving away whole boxes all day. To anyone who would take them. They weren’t a popular freebie- no one wanted to cart around an obvious box of pads all day.

Except me. Me and my sorry, sullen, swag-less state. I was all too happy to cart around as many boxes as I could fit in my purse!

“Do you mind if I take a box or two?” I asked the guys loading the truck. Like they were gonna say no. What man denies a lady a sanitary product when he has one to provide?

“Yeah, sure,” came the reply, “Hell, you can take a whole case if you’d like.”

No way, I couldn’t take a case! Could I? I’d have to bring it on the subway. The side of the box was blatant marked Always. If that wasn’t obvious enough, there were pictures of pads underneath the lettering. But….if I took a case….I wouldn’t have to buy pads for years… I could share pads with all my friends! It’d be plethora of free pads!

always super bowl commercial

I’d been up since 4AM. I’d worked a 13 hour day on five hours of sleep. I was way past rational thought. I was even further past giving a shit. So, you guessed it, I took that case of pads. I carried it all the way from New Jersey to the top of Manhattan, first on the PATH train, then on the subway.

I can only explain it as a miracle that I made it home without running into any ex-boyfriends. The NYC gods must have taken pity on my poor, tired, swag-delirious soul. Now my apartment has more pads then we know what to do with (I really should donate some to a shelter). My cat is even into them. Well, at least into the case they came in.

cat in box

I hadn’t thought much about Always since this carry home. Until yesterday.

On Super Bowl Sunday Always suddenly meant a hell of a lot more to me. The brand had a commercial during the game. That’s a big deal- these are the most coveted commercial spots of the year, worth at least $4.5 million. Traditionally you see a lot of cars, beers, fast food ads. Yesterday right after Katy Perry’s half-time show, Super Bowl viewers saw something that definitely broke tradition. Always ran this truly awesome commercial.

I care so much more about this ad than any football game. (I care about it even more than dancing sharks.) Always is empowering girls. In your football-face empowering them. YES! Patriots-smatriots, this is the true win for me. I’m so impressed by this brand. Today I’d take that Always case on the subway and wave it around #LikeAGirl empowerment banner! A little blood every month doesn’t stop you from anything, girls! Yep, I’ll keep using their products always (okay, fine, at least until menopause), even after my free supply runs out. #Shameless #LikeAGirl

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14 thoughts on “ALWAYS Take Swag #LikeAGirl

    1. I’d honestly been holding on to this story for a little while but had planned to finally share it Monday. Great coincidence the Super Bowl commercial gave me the obvious wrap-up and new Always appreciation!

    1. I love making people laugh 🙂 I hope the dancing sharks do too…hahaha I’m totally a fan of them too!


    I wish that we had an event like that in Los Angeles. The promo work here hasn’t been as plentiful or as interesting, unfortunately.

    And I totally hear you on the Always commercial. Easily one of the best, and most important, spots in recent years. It makes me and D cry every time we watch it.

    1. Well..honestly this event was a couple months ago. January is a notoriously crappy promo month. Does LA have a Fashion Week? Next has that coming up next week = lots of events. Meh.
      The more I read about D the more he just sounds like a great guy!

    1. Thank you! This is an especially cute picture of him, which is so funny because of the branded box!

    1. 😀 Thanks Phil! I was even able to see that at the time. “This will be a funny story” is important motivation to haul an embarrassing amount of feminine products on the subway!

    1. I didn’t know you worked in promos! They definitely have their fun perks! Sometimes. Other times they leave you feeling like all people suck. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about!

    1. It’s just such a good commercial! Hahahaha, thanks for the high fives. If you want a 24 pack, let me know 😉

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