Snow Love for NYC Snowpocalypse 2015

Blizzard! Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse! Winter storm Juno!

Chances are you heard the east coast is getting slammed with significant snow fall. The worst of it is supposed to start tonight, but that didn’t stop people from freaking out today. I’m currently temping at a recording studio in midtown and pretty much no one came in today. When it started snowing in the mid afternoon, I ran out into the courtyard and took a series of snow selfies.


Hey, I grew up in San Francisco. Snow still gets me excited. This is my 10th east coast winter, so just think of yourself at age ten and the level of fun still derived from playing in the snow. That’s about where I am.

snow man


By mid-afternoon, I made a snow man. I could really use some snow man making tips. This guy was maybe a foot tall and it was a struggle to have him hold together. This company was sorely lacking in office supplies- I wanted to give him push-in eyes or paper clip arms. Alas, I could only find white push-pins, and white wasn’t going to fly. Fortunately I had a baby carrot left over from a snack so at least he got a good nose.

snow courtyard

When the only other person at work finally left for the day, I put on my coat and ran outside into the failing light. No, I wasn’t going home. I threw my onto the untouched, pure white snow of the courtyard. I looked up to the tops of the surrounding skyscrapers and for a few seconds watched the snow fall from the white sky.

snow fall sky scrapers


It was peaceful. Then I thrashed my legs and arms up and down, then jumped up giggling. A snow angel, I made a snow angel!


I could also use some snow angel making tips. Probably a couple more inches of snow would’ve helped too. Still, it was magical to be alone in the small courtyard, the only one who would ever touch that snow.  That’s a winter first for me!

post snow angel selfie
Post snow angel selfie. The adrenaline was pumping because I almost slipped and fell after creating my master piece.


After my snow angel, I shook off the snow, retrieved my hat that had come off in the angel-making process (was replaced by a halo?), locked up the building, and stepped out onto the icy streets of the city.

snowpocalypse manhattan 2015

No pure, unadulterated snow out here! Still, freshly fallen snow is beautiful, even in New York City. Then thousands of cabs run over it and it gets gray and gross.

NYC blizzard 2015

My iPhone just let out a startling, long buzz. Emergency Alert: all vehicles must be off the streets by 11PM! Whoa. The city that never sleeps is shutting down tonight!

Don’t worry, I made it home just fine after work and have no intention of leaving my apartment any time soon. We’re stocked up on wine and Trader Joe’s dumplings. I have Pip the cat for snuggles. I’ll wake up like a kid on Christmas morning, hoping to get a sight of the roads before the cars come back- how magical would that be?

harlem snow
I made it back to neighborhood, Hamilton Heights with no delays! Happy to stay here until the snow lets up!


Stay safe and warm all you east coasters! And anyone else in the world dealing with storms!

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