Bar, Barge, and Boat: The Frying Pan NYC

Pier 66 on the Hudson River is a short jaunt from midtown Manhattan. It’s an oasis jutting out into the water, featuring free flowing booze from multiple bars, great views of NYC and New Jersey. It also docks the Frying Pan. 30 years ago the Frying Pan sat at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay!

frying pan nyc 7

This formerly sunken ship now features a full bar, dance floor, and plenty of deck seating. It’s a little creepy and a lot of historic. Only in New York does taking and abandoned lightship and repurposing it into an event space sound like a fabulous idea.

frying pan nyc 2

Exploring the Frying Pan was the perfect thing to do during an afternoon rain storm. The rest of the day was gorgeous, sunny and hot. My girlfriends and I lounged at the bow of the barge. We sipped cocktails called “Light and Breezy” (rum and ginger beer, I’m a sucker for ginger beer) and sharing summer stories. Then we watched porn.


Cloud porn! (#cloudporn as they say on Instagram.)

frying pan nyc 12

The stormy sky really put on a good show. New Jersey starboard (right), Freedom Tower port (left).

frying pan nyc 17

The barge has two decks, including some sheltered seating. There’s a lot to explore and you’ll get totally different experiences depending on where you sit.

frying pan nyc 13

The very front of the barge, this is as close to New Jersey as you can get and still be safely in Manhattan.

frying pan nyc 14

Eastern view from the upper deck, that’s the Frying Pan on the right.

frying pan nyc 15

Uptown and harbor view from the upper deck.

frying pan nyc 10

View from the lower deck. New Jersey, a water wheel, and some random blonde!

frying pan nyc 9

New York is in the throws of a heat wave right now, it’s a good thing this sign was here to remind us not to dive in. After a couple drinks it’s easy to forget how polluted the Hudson is and be temped by a cool dip.

We were treated to a rainstorm instead! I love summer storms that cool off blisteringly hot days and don’t last too long.

Pier 66 and the Frying Pan remain open throughout September as well as October- as long as the temperature remains above 65 degrees. Go as west as you can on 27nd Street and you’ll end up at the end of the barge! The perfect get-away for when you can’t actually get away. Or just live vicariously through me and my beautiful Labor Day!

Did you enjoy your holiday weekend? Are you from a country that doesn’t have silly holidays like America does? Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’m not ready to embrace fall yet. Nope, no pre-mature pumpkin spice for me. I plan to summer it up until the proper equinox!

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2 thoughts on “Bar, Barge, and Boat: The Frying Pan NYC

  1. I’m so going to visit this once I get to the US! Your pictures are very beautiful I must say. Really makes me want to see this place for myself. It’s probably because of the weather but anyway.
    Love. The. Cloud. Porn.

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