New York Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival 2014!

The Easter Parade is hands down my favorite New York City parade. It’s not about getting drunk, there aren’t any marching bands, no gigantic inflatables, and best of all there is nothing corporate about it. By the people, for the people, the event started in the 1800s because people wanted to show off their Easter Sunday best. 150 years later, the Sunday best has certainly changed, but the event itself is much the same. Centuries of people watching at its best.


Some dressed like they’d walked out of a different era. From the past.


And from the future. Can you believe this guy’s costume? Imagine how long that took to make!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnd he brought his own float! Very out there, very strange, utterly unique, but still very much in the theme of Easter and spring!


Many dapper, impeccably dressed gentlemen.


And lovely ladies.


It was so bright out, the sun shining gloriously, the sky a perfect blue. Hats made a perfect refuge from the glare, to the dismay of thousands of photographers.


The amount of creativity on display is the highlight of the event.


The majority of the hats are home made, some beg the question, “how did they make that??”


But this is NYC, artistic capital of the world, so really the level of craftsmanship shouldn’t be such a surprise. Did they make those bunny heads? You better believe it.


Sometimes simplicity is just as effective as a grand display. This guy made a mohawk of peeps! A mo-peep! A peep-hawk! What ever you want to call it, it made me grin harder than any sugar rush. When he and his friend clinked ice cream cones with a “cheers!” I thought my smile might split my face.


That’s the thing about this parade. It’s so joyous! Every one is in a good mood, friendly, happy to pose for pictures, conversing with strangers. It’s all bright colors, flowers, smiles, and spring time. In the middle of Manhattan. It’s truly magical.IMG_0934

The event is so inclusive. Anyone can show up wearing a hat and be part of the fun. Even if you forgot a hat, there was a balloon sculpture on had to make you one. Genius business plan, balloon sculptor guy!


Your truly was among the hatless. A shame, I know. After attending last year, I planned this year to see what the experience would be like as a bonneted participator. Oh well, there’s always next year! At least my other accessories were well in the spirit of spring!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend whether you celebrated Easter or not! I really just enjoy it as a celebration of spring. It’s fun starting traditions, like going to the Easter parade. Or watching the sunrise at Coney Island. Say what, you say? Don’t worry, you’ll find out all about that on Wednesday!

If you can’t get enough of these bonnets, check out my post from last year: Easter Parade 2013

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7 thoughts on “New York Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival 2014!

  1. I remember watching many years ago the old Fred Astaire/Judy Garland movie “Easter Parade,” and of course love the title song. It always runs through my mind at Easter time (and at Kentucky Derby time as well – yeah, I know, but it’s the hats!) I had NO idea there really was an actual Easter Parade in Manhattan. Great, fun pictures. As for “mo-peep” and peep-hawk”, that just cracked me up – the picture AND your names for them!

    “In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade.” 😀

    1. You know what? I’ve never heard of that movie! I’ll have to watch it before next year’s parade. Glad we could exchange information and now both know of the reality and fiction based versions!

  2. This looks like far too much fun! I want to go in 2015! I have always loved wearing hats and with a cranium as large as mine, I need something to push me over the edge to make a really cool woman’s hat that isn’t petite. (Seriously, my head fits in a large man’s size hat. Try to get a sweet little bonnet on that thing!) I honestly didn’t realize this tradition continues… so glad for your blog post!

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