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It’s time.

Suddenly I’ve been single for almost 6 months. During that time I’ve been on exactly one date. One date where I was as awkward as a newborn fawn, faltering on unsteady legs. There was a time I could rock a date with the confidence of a cabby at rush hour. Cruising bumpy crosstown roads, a sharp turn here, an abrupt stop there, I knew exactly how to play the game. It’s time I relearn my routes by going back to my NYC single gal roots.

The best way to get back into dating? The quickest, easiest, most likely to have you out on as soon as this Friday night? You can’t deny it’s online dating. I’ve dabbled before, went on lots of dates, made a friend or two, but no true romances. That was with free online dating websites. I’m a big girl now, in my late twenties, baby. Too old to put up with that crap. Y’all with me? It’s time to graduate to the big leagues- You get what you pay for, certainly a cliché that rings true.

There’s no time like the present, another true one.’s peak season, the site’s busiest time of year, kicked off New Year’s Day and spans all the way through Valentine’s Day, where Match will see a 25-30% increase in registrations to the site. Why the rush to log in online in the new year? In a recent poll, found that 51% of singles’ New Year’s resolutions will be to socialize more and focus on finding that special someone, making the desire to connect with someone a driving force for singles’ to get online after the holidays. It certainly feels nice to know I’m not alone in my alone-ness. Registration Spike

Now, it’s not easy for me to pay for anything full price. I love a deal, love a sale, love to feel like I got a bargain. So I must confess my decision to try, I was given a push by the pus they are doing to get us online during prime time. Right now is offering a 3-days free “date pass” for singles! Simply log onto to claim your 3-days free offer. I’m such a sucker for free things and I know I’m not alone in that either!

It seems like every day the number of single friends I have dwindles. My calendar is starting to fill with weddings, even some I’m in. For the first time, I’m actually looking for a relationship that could lead to forever. How terrifying is that for me to admit? Quite. But hell, it’s true. Anyone else feel that way? Anyone else always kind of wanted to try and then said, why pay for online dating when I can do it for free? Take three days and see if you discover why. That’s what I’m doing.

The other day I re-watched an episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte claims that this is the year she’s getting married? Even though there’s not the slightest sign of a man in her present? Well, I’m no where near that point. And I’m assuming you aren’t either. But hey, stranger things have happened! Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky in love like this couple— have you seen their proposal?

Who’s with me and who’s excited to read about New York Cliché’s dating adventures again?

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7 thoughts on “Starting the New Year Looking for Love on

    1. Dear NYCliche – I love you! And so admire your confidence and ‘cojones’ when it comes to dating in NYC – you go girl!!

      Dear Smplefy – I am really hoping that is a BSG reference! Finishing season 2 right now and can’t stop!!

  1. I’ve decided a week from 30 that seeing as I am still single and not settled down it might as well wait another year, this year I’m gonna make it count and dream big and not look for a man!

  2. Good luck and have fun! Keep in mind anything is possible. This time last year I was super single and loving it, not thinking marriage. Met my now husband in March and we got married in October! More details on my blog but that’s the gist!

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