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December 26th. Boxing Day (whatever that means). The day after Christmas. As a child it was a huge let down- It’s all over! As an adult, it’s something of a relief- It’s all over! Still, I never manage to accomplish everything I hope to in December. All too often that includes sending out Christmas cards. (I can’t be alone in this, right?) With all the parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and caroling out in the snow, who has time to sit down and write two dozen cards? Now that the holiday is over and we get a bit of vacation before New Year’s, NOW is the time I want to do all that! Fortunately, I discovered the brilliance of New Year’s cards. Along with a website that creates beautiful ones. Best of all, I get to share it with you and one exuberant reader will win $50 to spend! Yep, a holiday give-away!

Waiting this long to send holiday cards means they’re now on sale! Procrastination is rewarded, hooray!

Have you heard of Minted? I was just introduced. Since then, I can’t stop looking at their designs and imaging glee spread across the faces of my friends and family when they check their mail. Says their website: “Minted is the world’s premier online marketplace for independent design and art. We crowd-source design from a global community of thousands of independent designers. We sell their best designs as fine paper products for the home, holidays, and occasions.” Remember Threadless where artists submit t-shirt designs? This is a bit like that, but for stationary. They constantly have design challenges for open submission- if you create or design visual art, you might consider it! Any one can vote on designs, which I would argue is more fun than browsing Tinder, and the are many prizes possible.

Their New Year cards are gorgeous. And you don’t have to worry about religious affiliations! Minted uses high quality paper and the majority are designed to show case your photographs in creative ways. The demo cards pictured on the site are of course primarily of babies and newly weds. There is an entire section devoted to Pet Holiday Cards. As a single gal, is THAT my option? I mean I love my cat, but not enough to subject all my relatives to a card of his face!

But I will submit my blog readers to his face! He’s in his Sunday Best!

In the past, I sent out cards with a picture of myself and my roommates. Is that still cute when you’re 27? I’m starting to question it. But then I know my family just wants to hear from me, that any smiling picture of me will bring them joy. That’s what actually matters. I have to admit, I am tempted to send out a picture of just me. “Hey folks, this is how it is! Single and fabulous! Don’t ask me when I’m going to meet Mr. Right, congratulate me for not settling for Mr. Wrong!” That would be the subtext, not the words I would actually write… What do you think, should I go for it?

Oh man, I could never make a card as cute as this one. Not even my cat is that cute! Don’t get discouraged (or fooled) by cuteness when picking your card designs!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to write more. Letters! I know the joy I feel whenever I open the mail box and am greeted by something that is not a bill. It’s the romantic in me, I adore snail-mail. Minted has lovely stationary to make this easy. I find the prettier the stationary or card I have, the more motivated I am to send it out into the world. Even more then their whimsical cards and inspiring stationary, my favorite thing they have is their unique, easily personalized journal selection. I love me a good notebook but always struggle to find one that makes me want to carry it every where, one that begs to be used as much as possible. The amazing designers that Minted features have certainly met those requirements in their notebook designs. See for yourself!

See! Pretty! I could make it say “New York Cliche” instead of “Kailey Johnston” and personalize the inside cover with an image! Many journals have photo options for the covers as well.

Remember I said this was a give-away? Sponsored by Minted, the winner gets $50 to spend on anything on their site! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. For an extra entry, share ANY of my blog posts on Facebook or Twitter- let me know you did that and where on the comment you leave in this post! Winner will be announced on Monday Dec 30th.
In my book it’s totally valid to send out New Years cards at least through the middle of the month. Come on, it’s January, the month where we most need little things to brighten the cold, dreary days!

Did you send out holiday cards a month ago? Do you ever write snail-mail letters? Do you know an artist who submit to their current Birth Announcement Challenge? What’s your favorite feature of  Follow Minted on Twitter!

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31 thoughts on “Holiday Give Away With Minted!

  1. As long as you, and your friends ( at least the ones I’m thinking on), retain that twinkle in the eye, the irrepressible smiles, and the fearless expressions of thought and emotion you will ALWAYS garner the measure of cute, regardless of the measure of time.

  2. Love it! I actually did Christmas cards this year for the first time…and by DID, read: MADE. I, er, may not put myself through that again….this would be a nice alternative!

  3. I am terrible at those little things like sending out Christmas cards (or even decorating for Christmas in the first place). I am hoping to actually manage to send thank you cards this year. 🙂 Merry belated Christmas and a happy new year to you! 🙂

  4. Love these designs! I did send out Christmas cards this year, but I loved the act of sending and receiving them. Like you, I’d love to send more snail mail in 2014.

  5. New Year’s cards are a very sensible choice: these should be acts that bring us joy, not that add stress to already busy lives.

  6. Where on EARTH did you get that snazzy kitty vest? It kind of makes me want to get a cat just so I can dress it up.

    And no. I did not get around to sending holiday cards. I even had a stack from last year. And I think I sent maybe 3. But then I just…the thought of looking up everyone’s postal address…it was too much.

  7. Oh, what pretty cards! I LOVE writing snail mail as I love to receive snail mail <3 It's just a personal touch that shows you took the time to sit down and actually write something out, as oppose to a text.
    My sister and I both sent out Christmas cards and thank you cards this year, and I would love to send out Happy New Year cards too! I hope I win!

  8. I didn’t need an excuse to read your blog, but this is the BEST excuse to comment ever! I’m a huge card person (and so is my Mom). Winning would mean making BOTH our years. 😉

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