Ithaca Gorges are Gorgeous and Happy Labor Day

A well-known New York cliché: No one wants to be in the city on Labor Day Weekend. I am among the masses who have gotten away.

Ithaca Gorges 1

However, I will be laboring like crazy- working 11 hours days promoting a car company at the New York State Fair. At least it’s an all American car company which makes me feel a bit more celebratory. I hope y’all are spending the weekend at the beach, getting a final weekend out of your summer home, camping, cooking-out, and spending time with your family. While taking ad nauseum about cars, I’ll be dreaming of a beautiful hike I recently did in Ithaca, NY. They say Ithaca is gorgeous, is a nice play on words as Ithaca is known for its gorges. It really is. See for yourself!

Climbed narrow stairs with a steep incline to get this view. Gorges!
Ithaca Gorges Falls
In back of the falls! It took a long time to get here, almost got lost a couple times, but we made it and here is photographic proof!
Ithaca Gorge stairs
Back down the stairs to the base of the falls.
Ithaca Gorges Falls Socks
The falls! Yes, my hiking outfit includes rainbow tube socks.


Ithaca Gorges 2
Gorgeous day.

Have a great Labor Day! What are your plans for this weekend?

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  1. It’s boyfriend’s birthday this weekend, so gaming, relaxing, presents, eating out, maybe some swimming, and I am attending a baby shower on Sunday. 🙂 It should be fun. And an extra day off is LOVELY. I’ve been so exhausted and stressed it’ll be great! I hope yours is lovely as well 🙂

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