Dudes Read This Too! or Love For Followers!

I often worry that my material here is the stuff chick lit is made of. That no one but a young woman on the beach is likely to read my blog. Recently I discovered, much to my surprise and delight, that New York Cliche has a significant following of male readers. After receiving a particularly awesome comment from an English bloke, I was so pleased I almost added it to my header: New York Cliche: Dudes Read This Blog Too! Hi Boys! Instead, I did what most ladies do when overwhelmed with a desire to pat themselves on the back: I yammered about my accomplishments to my boyfriend.

Harry shrugged, “I’m not surprised dudes read your blog.”

“Really?” I replied, feeling smug and expecting him to gush about my talent for writing. Perhaps how my voice is just so relatable it goes outside all bounds of age or gender demographics.

“You’re blog is much more helpful for men. It’s like actually getting into the head of woman, getting to see how you think. Guys don’t understand how women think, so any thing to aid them in the quest is great,” he paused, “It’s especially great for me,” he concluded, a grin spreading across his face.

I’d never thought of my blog that way. My primary objective is to entertain. My blog is helpful to those just starting out in NYC, merely by dint of subject matter. I never considered anything on a broader scale.

But I am now! After yesterday’s post about boyfriends and birthday gifts, I have it in my mind to write a “Gift Guide for Getting Your Girlfriend Gifts” (goodness, I love alliteration). Perhaps I will write of “Good Date Spots in NYC”. It’s the beginning of an idea and I want to open the floor to you, my beloved (over 1,000! I’m still spinning!) followers. Do you have any questions you would like answered? Anything you can think of that you would like me to write about?

I think at this point, I can consider myself an expert in the realms of dating, NYC, theater, and frugality. But I’d consider writing about anything- the possibilities excite me.
So I open the floor to you. Leave any sort of comment you’d like, any idea, any question, any issue, sky’s the limit (as goes the cliché). You all make me feel fabulous. 


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4 thoughts on “Dudes Read This Too! or Love For Followers!

  1. I love the gift idea. I think especially helpful to guys would be less about “what you should buy”, and more like, “How you should wrap it”, “when you should tell her”, “what hints you should drop”, “how theatrical is too theatrical”, “what questions you should ask sneakily, and which you should just figure out or guess on”, etc. 🙂

    Also, alliteration is amazingly awesome.

  2. I read your blog because I like your writing style and I want to live in New York at some point in my life. It’s a city I will never get tired of hearing about. I’m not a dude but I agree with rarasaur’s comments. And I love the alliteration too. You should definitely do a “Gift Guide for Getting Your Girlfriend Gifts”. The amount of men who follow your blog would probably increase dramatically!

  3. Hello, dude here proving the point! I read your blog for entertainment and enjoy it hugely. I read various blogs but yours is one I am most excited about seeing there is a new post. Dating advice is always useful but having been single for longer than I can even be bothered to work out I don’t really see it as a priority at the moment. Still, maybe if I do start a relationship the lucky girl will have a lovely time thanks to all the excellent stuff I have picked up here.

  4. Hi, I am a dude reader, I stumbled on your blog on some pot about a match.com stir event review which I was curious about before going to the event (it sucked). I then checked out your blog and liked the writing style. I am applying for residency in New York and I am from a small town originally, so I liked the view of New York from an outsiders perspective.

    There was one thing I wanted to comment on, I saw in one of your posts about this central park guy, you said you learned most guys are assholes until proven innocent. To be honest I’m not offended I more feel sorry for you, because I know alot of women I care about (friends, my sister) suffer the same issue.
    If you are meeting alot of assholes, there are only 2 explanations for that. The first (your theory) is that most guys are just assholes and you are getting a representative sample of the population. The second (my theory) is that you are selecting for assholes.
    I know alot of guys and most are not assholes, but most are also not all that successful with women. Most likely there is some selection bias going on.
    It may be that you are subconsciously selecting for assholes, or you just like events where there is a high proportion of assholes, like I dunno, hockey games.
    But my guess is some part of you is attracted to assholes and that comes through ultimately. Because most guys, like me, are not assholes, but I also probably would not have a whole pickup story to pick up girls at the park. The nice guys are out there, you are likely just ignoring them. Just something to think about.

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