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It’s easy, especially as an adult, to think I have enough friends. Or take it even farther, I have too many friends. After a life time of making friends, who now in adulthood live near and far, the numbers add up. I have 900 Facebook friends. What does that mean? Not much, aside from a staggering statistic. It’s New York! Every one is so busy, all the time. Who has time for friends we already have, let alone making new ones? Have you caught yourself in such thinking? I am guilty of it. It took a particularly awesome friend to shake me out of it.

I met Phinestro at an event we worked together in October. I have since worked with him at 3 other events. The more I get to know him, the more I realize how freakin’ cool this guy is. I noticed him the first day of training. And how could I not? Aside from his tall stature and winning smile, the man has impeccable fashion sense. From his signature vintage glasses to his killer footwear. To be notably fashionable in New York City is saying something. So he looks cool, and then he opens his mouth.And you discover the most warm-hearted, open person. Who laughs at all your jokes. I’ve never met any one so friendly and open-minded.

I was a little intimidated, to be honest. I hang out with cool people, but he’s in a league of his own. When he suggested we hang out, I took it with a grain of salt. New Yorkers say that all the time, “Oh we should get coffee sometime!” Nine times out of ten, nothing comes of it, mere small talk. Yet, Phinestro was sincere. I should’ve known, he’s the real deal. Lucky for me (and you!) he was persistent. Now I have a new friend AND a new featured Other New York cliché

Name/preferred pseudonym: PHINESTRO

Borough and neighborhood: Brooklyn NYC, MIll Basin


How are you a New York cliché? Yes. A walking Cliché. Tourists ask me for directions all the time; maybe because of my glasses gives off a vibe of ” He’s intelligent tall black man with a good smile, he knows where he’s going”. Really, I have a bad sense of direction as well. Also a common cliché- since I have a beard im growing, and my vintage glasses openly gives a vibe, people assume I am muslim.

They say no one who lives in New York is actually from New York. Where are you from? Born and Raised in Brooklyn! Specifically CANARSIE.  


Bloomberg is banishing you from NYC. You have 24 hours before you have to pack up and leave for ever. How do you spend them? Roof top, going to roof top, then hitting up my favorite Thai food spot in Williamsburg called SEA.  Then I’d do a nice quick errand in all the vintage clothing stores and take a visit at Rouge Music Store on 30th Street to get last minute deals on gear. 

So you live in NYC, but what’s one super-touristy thing you secretly love? Central Park always seems to make me wonder: what the heck am I doing here and why am I lost?

Ever had a run-in with a celebrity (A-D List)? OMG so many… including basketball stars… CoCo (Ice T’s wife) & ICe T, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Joseph Marcell (Fresh Prince Bel Air) , Will Smith, Tai Diggs, Malcom Jamal Warner (Cosby Show’s “Theo”), Julia Stiles ( Save the Last Dance), Christopher Martin (House Party “Play”), Spike Lee, Patrick Ewing , Shaquelle Oneal, John Starkes, Steve Akoi, Puff Daddy, Kimora Simmons, Estelle, Angela Simmons, Wyclef Jean,  Bill Clinton, Fat Joe.


You totally saw something weird on the subway or street today (you may not have registered it was weird because you are jaded), what did you see? I was in a car parked on 125th street, a lady came to the window and asked for change. I politely declined (as of course I don’t carry money when I got to Harlem *cough cough*:).  She got really mad, went to the side of the car, took down her pants, and pooped right there on the side of passenger seat! I was traumatized. And she didn’t wipe or nothing… all I saw was a bright orange substance on the side. I didn’t actually see her in process, just after. And I saw the Oil Scent guy across the way barfing at the sight of the lady doing that. I cringed the whole day after. 

What is your favorite fictionalized New York?  My favorite fictionalized NYC would have to be Gotham City. I’ve always considered myself the Dark Knight with a nice smile. 
How does it compare with reality? No different except the fact that Gotham uses coins and our metro cards are expensive! I’m sure that crimes were a bit more dramatic then the MTA going on strike and raising the fares, and police brutality. Well Gotham has better days I guess.


Plug something! Be it something you are involved in, your significant other/roommate/cat is involved in, or just something you think is extra-special going on in NYC.
Whats going on in NYC is that My band, Broken Chainz Band, is playing at Webster Hall on May 27th at 7pm!! You should definately come to that show!
 Also involved in a World Wide Remix Competition Remix of Jamiroquai’s hit song ” Too Young to Die”. You can check it out at https://soundcloud.com/therealphinestro/jamiroquai_dubstep_remix

And featured on http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/audiodetail.aspx?audioid=227082 

Thanks, Phinestro for being part of my Other New York clichés feature! I can’t wait to catch one of your shows, and I’m sure we’ll work together on some silly event in the near future!

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  1. OMG. The pooping story had me laughing and yet… I kind of wanted to cry. That is awful. AWFUL. I would scream. And the fact that the onlooker puked just makes it so much worse. What a lovely image!

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