Missed Connections NOT Missed Give-away Announcements!

Happy March 1st! I’m so glad February is over as it holds the title of “My Least Favorite Month of the Year”. There was something in the last week of February that just took it out of me. I got a horrid head cold, fell into a creative void, and wanted to do nothing more than watch two whole seasons of Downtown Abbey. So the British country side was the better part of my week. This worse part of my week was filled with temp work, blowing my nose a great deal, eating a great number of cupcakes I brought home from an event, paying several over-due bills, and thinking to myself “I really should blog” but doing nothing. Ever have one of those weeks?

Now here it is Friday night at 11pm. I just got off work, I’m supposed to go to a birthday party, and I have but 60 mere moments to fulfill my promise from when last I wrote! I have a give-away winner to announce! Thank you so much to everyone who entered. Were I not surviving on a starving artist “salary”, I would but fantastic picture books for all of you!

The lucky owner of Sophie Blackall‘s lovely book “Missed Connections” signed by the author herself is…. Craves Adventure! I’m so glad the powers of random.org chose this wonderful blogger and long time supporter of newyorkcliche.com, check out her blog if you have a chance Craves Adventure.

(E-mail me at newyorkcliche@yahoo.com and I will get your book sent out west as soon as I can!)

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I will, tomorrow I am working an event dedicated to pork and craft beer called….wait for it….”aPORKalypse Now“. No joke. #ReasonNumber173ImNotAVegetarian.

Spring is in the air, I think my creative fog is fading. It is 11:50pm, I did it! I wonder how many will read this before bed- good night! and how many will instead read it in the morning- good morning!

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