California Dreamin’ on Such a Winter’s Day

Last night I was awakened at 4AM by the sound of wind and sleet pounding upon my window. I shivered, put the pillow over my head, and tried to go back to sleep. Oh New York winter, you are a beast!
Today I’m working a promotion in Bryant Park. I’ve worked outdoor events in January before and it is brutal! Fortunately for this event, I’ll be in an enclosed dome with heat lamps.  However, the door is always open to invite people in. The wind is going to whip through and make me shiver in my uniform mandated sneakers.
My solution? Think back to exactly one month ago when I was strolling through sunny, colorful California. We can all escape winter for a moment and live vicariously through the memories.

Walking through the succulent garden of the San Francisco Botanical Garden. The sky was so blue!
Walking through the succulent garden of the San Francisco Botanical Garden. The sky was so blue! The sun was so warm! The earth was so green!

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9 thoughts on “California Dreamin’ on Such a Winter’s Day

  1. Arg! I hate the cold! Glad you can find inspiration by looking back. My warm-weather good mood disappears within a week of getting back to the New York winter. I have a quick trip to Puerto Rico coming up, and the anticipation me going.

    1. The sun came out this morning- that’s a bright side! But yeah, NY in January/February is a struggle. Have so much fun in Puerto Rico!!! Blog about it so I can vacation vicariously?

      1. I’ll definitely blog about it. I still have delinquent trip reports about Key West and Mexico in the works…. so we might have good weather by the time Puerto Rico shows up on my blog. Hang in there! We just have to make it through March.

  2. So I’m sure it’s not as cold as it is in New York, and granted NorCal, but it was pretty darn cold here for a couple of weeks. Way colder than it’s been in a long time. Scraping frost off my windshield 20 degree mornings. But most people who live in the Northern U.S. tell me to shut up and call me a wimp. :p

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