Grateful to Talk About the Weather

It doesn’t get much more cliché than talking about the weather.

A lot has happened since my last post. Storms, Halloween, presidential elections.

But you knew that. You’ve read about all three thing in loads of other sources. It doesn’t excite me to write about things you already know.

Every time I’ve sat down to blog in the past 2 weeks I’ve gone through the same thing, “Nope, don’t want to write about that. But how can I write about anything else?” The result? Silence on my part. Again, you knew that.

I may or may not have taken this picture long after Halloween. I may or may not have, moments ago, dug my costume out of the wrinkly dredges of my laundry basket and begged my (super awesome, wonderful) roommate to take my picture. That may or may not be the fabulous(ly soft-focused) exposed brick wall of my bedroom.

I never lost power, not even for a second. There’s no excuse there. My neighborhood weathered the storm incredibly well- one tree fell down in the middle of the street, not hurting anyone nor damaging anything. I ran outside in the middle of the storm to visit friends who live across the street. I’m so lucky. On Halloween, while many people in the area had no power and others had major damage to their homes and cars, I dressed up as a “killer bee” complete with toy “buzz buzz” gun and bloody war paint. While many evacuees were stranded with tunnels flooded and public transportation shut down, I walked 80 blocks of the Upper West Side, stopped at a bar, and drank pumpkin ale and ate pie with Charlotte and Miranda.

My biggest complaint these past two weeks is that the heat in my apartment was too high. The irony. My roommates and I opened all the windows and stripped to our skivvies whenever we got home. We felt like jerks for complaining about it, but when it’s 92 degrees inside it’s hard not to. If only we could donate all our excess heat to the thousands on Long Island shivering with out it!

Then there was the election. Which seems so far away now, but a week ago I was a bundle of nerves when the possibility that Obama might not win hit me hard and left me with an uneasy feeling in the pit of my (it’s mine and still fully in my control PHEW) uterus. Working a week of 13 hour days leading up to the election left me a bit brain fried as well. But Obama won and that paycheck will be sweet: win-win.

Also it snowed. That was weird. The weather is whack.

Today it was 60 degrees and sunny. That’s the fall I know. The leaves are changing, they fixed our heat, the subways are back and most people have power restored.

I got a nice taste of foliage on a recent visit to the New York Botanical Garden. As a born and raised California girl, I’m still dazzled by seasons!

There is still major devastation in the Rockaways and Staten Island- I hope to have time to lend a hand out there this week. Because my life is pretty damn grand considering. My heart goes out to the many who haven’t had it so easy. Those can’t find parts of their life in the wreckage of their homes while I sit in my cozy apartment, struggling to find time to blog. I live a charmed life, I know. For that I give thanks, it is November after all.

Now I’ve covered the New York events that are too serious to be called clichés. Tomorrow we’ll get back to things that can seem frivolous business- like how my life is currently a TV show (upgrade from chick lit!), why I’ve started wearing lipstick more, and why Chinatown makes me homesick.

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