Bethesda Fountain and Brides Revisited

It was a beautiful day in Central Park. Sunny, blue skies, warm. I was walking by Bethesda Fountain, one of the oldest and renowned public works in New York.

Off-set by pink flowers, on the south side a raucous group of street performers in red had gathered a crowd, the angel in the middle seemed to be watching their routine as well.

I walked around the fountain, looking at the boats on the pond. Boating in Central Park is high on my list of NYC to-dos. It looks like so much fun and is surprisingly cheap- $12 for the first hour then $3 for each additional 15 minutes. Take note gentlemen- this is a swoon-worthy date idea.

I looked across the pond at the people in the boats, wishing I had someone to go boating with. Couples and families looked so peaceful, separated from the break-neck speed of the rest of the city. A leisurely ride, each moment enjoyed rather than a power rush to a destination.  I stood at the edge of the pond, watching a little child feed the ducks and several Italian tourists marvel over turtles.

I left the pond’s edge, headed towards the east side of the park. The crowded cheered for the street performers who had finished a series of acrobatic tricks. I turned my head away from them, and my eyes met these ladies.

Were they like me, wishing they had grooms to boat with?  Were they part of some stunt, a promotion? Were they waiting for their husbands to finish watching the street performers? I saw no tuxedo-ed men in the area. I didn’t approach them for, as the picture illustrates, they weren’t exactly approachable. So I’ll never know what their deal was! What do you think??

On another note, Happy Fourth of July!

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11 thoughts on “Bethesda Fountain and Brides Revisited

  1. I miss NY. I think my favorite part living in NY was Central Park. It was so relaxing to be able to “get out” of the city but still be there. And those girls, that is hysterical. I can’t even begin to understand why they were there. I wish you would have asked them lol.

    1. Central Park is one of my favorite parts of the city too. I live 3 block (long, east-west blocks, but still) away from it. I am likely moving in September and I am SUPER going to miss that!!

  2. Deep down part of me thinks those girls are together and are making a statement for the legality of marriage equality in NY, but HEY that’s just the lesbian in me. *laughs*

    I really enjoy looking at your NY photos. I’m going to migrate there from the Garden State soon, I hope. My girlfriend lives in the Bronx, she’s often in Chinatown and I’m SO FREAKING JEALOUS EVERY TIME!!

  3. You take really good pictures! You should try selling some of them or something! It sounds like a really nice July 4th though. I couldn’t really go anywhere because it was 100 degrees today, but I did go up to the roof of my building to watch the fireworks. Like you, I couldn’t help wishing that I had someone to share the experience with.

  4. Nice pictures, as the others have said. I’m not sure which is a more entertaining thought… that they’re lost members of a wedding party, or that they’re dressing up in bridal gowns just for fun. As a guy, though, the lesbianism proposition is the most appealing of all.

  5. My first thought: a newly hitched lesbian bridal pair, bags packed and ready for a pedicab to take them to their honeymoon hotel. Sartorial traditionalists, definitely. Probably loved Barbie dolls back when.

    1. What you may not be able to tell from the picture, and that I failed to illustrate in the post, is that they looked so bored, so blasé, barely conversing. Perhaps they were just exhausted from a wedding day, your theory does seem the most logical.

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