The Financial Goals of a Starving Artist

Starving artist. Broke. Living more or less paycheck to paycheck. These all describe my current way of life. Extremely budgeted, I’m very conscious about everything I spend money one. Currently, I’m not worrying about someday having kids or saving to buy buying a house. Right now, I’d just like to be a little more comfortable.

I believe these are all very much attainable in the near future.

  1. Buy fresh flowers once a week. They make me happy and instantly transform a space.
  2. Order orange juice and coffee with brunch instead of “I’m good with water, thanks.”
  3. Embrace my love of macarons, not think about how one can buy a whole box of cookies for the cost of one of these sweet little morsels.
  4. See plays that aren’t just on
  5. Have the ability to say “Next rounds on me”.
  6. Have all my underwear be cute, not too embarrassing if caught with my pants down, underwear.
  7. To just take a cab after 3AM, not deal with waiting 20 minutes for the subway or worry about getting mugged.
  8. Shop according to what I want, not what’s on sale. Buy a pair of red polka-dotted sandals because they will make me smile all day, even if I just wear them three times a year.
  9. Spa day. I’ve never had one.
  10. Annnd one big one: Go backpacking around Europe. It is such a cliché, I have to do it. And I have to do it in my 20’s- only 4 years and one month left (my birthday’s in July)!

    Thanks for reading! Until we meet next post. Or check me out on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @newyorkcliche. Leave a comment with your financial goals, whether you’re “starving” or not!

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8 thoughts on “The Financial Goals of a Starving Artist

  1. Fresh flowers– SUCH a small indulgence that makes a huge impact on your mood. I can’t really justify that either, so I don’t… but then maybe I should. I’d say the most important thing on that list, though, is the last one. There was a two-year period where I was serious about making a trip to Europe, and I never saw it through. Still regretting that, so I’d like to try and plan a big trip out there before I (hopefully) go to grad school next fall. Big life grown-up things!

  2. I love your plan to buy things because you want them not because they’re on sale – I’m still wearing clothes I bought on sale five years ago.
    I can’t wait to have money left over in my bank account and not have to think “do I have enough left in my account for this” before I hand over my well-worn plastic card.
    One day….

  3. I’ve been to Europe before, but it wasn’t as a backpacker; I did a study abroad program when I was 20. But I never regretted it, and I wish that I had spent more time traveling in my 20s. Truth be told, I haven’t really traveled anywhere since I was 20, so I hope that you get to travel to as many places as you want.
    I think it’d be nice to be able to afford coffee at Starbucks anytime I want, instead of feeling guilty about buying one cup of coffee.

  4. I love your list and I really hope you get to travel through Europe. It’s something I wish I could have done in my 20s. It’s not quite the same now that I’m in my 40s and dragging three kiddos along for the ride. (Still great, but would have been fun to experience at a different stage of life, too)!

  5. Aw! This is a great list and in many ways, I’m on the same boat as well. We’re being very $ concious right now. Planning on moving to Philly and all is really going to put a dent in our bank accounts temporarily. But I know these times will pass and there will be more comfortable times coming our way.

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