Happy Fleet Week: Sailors Swarm the City

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Kick off of summer!! How are you spending the weekend? At the beach? BBQ-ing? Picnic-ing? Beer garden-ing?

I plan to spending Memorial Day weekend doing some sailor scouting. That’s right ladies (and gentlemen). Fleet Week is here in New York City!

Fleet Week

Sailors are swarming the city. The boats arrived Wednesday, a day I was in Times Square seeing Potted Potter (cute, fun, worth the comp tickets I scored). Groups of men looking like they wander off the stage of Anything Goes drifted through the bright lights on all corners of Broadway. It was a surreal sight.

fleet week sailors

So far my interactions with the seamen have been limited. A “You boys are hard to get passed” as I tried to walk by a slow-moving (read: weren’t walking at typical Manhattanite speed) group of them on the side walk and a grin to the ridiculous line, “How you doing?” delivered by a naive baby-face. Perhaps my next post will have the title “How to Snag a Sailor”. We can only hope.

Next week my “Other NYCs” feature will continue, I have a New York sports fanatic and a bonafide Brooklynite on deck.  Until then, enjoy the weekend (that goes for those of you who don’t celebrate Memorial Day as well), hope we get some sun!

P.S. A big thank you to the 3 lovely ladies who commented on my “Four Years” post. I needed comments, yours meant a lot to me.

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9 thoughts on “Happy Fleet Week: Sailors Swarm the City

    1. It snowed!?!! Craziness! Ha, I guess the world was following fashion rules- “It’s Memorial Day! I can wear white! Snoooow!” Haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Even though I already snagged myself a man, I don’t think I’d mind hanging around NYC during Fleet Week. Just to look, of course 🙂

    1. It is really best for the eye candy aspect. It’s such a novelty to have so many strapping young men walking around in sailor suits ALL OVER the city. There were sailors everywhere I went over the weekend, even in not touristy areas. It’s really a sight to see.

  2. Ha! Back in my 20s while working at Rock Bottom Brewery making oodles of cash, Fleet Week came to Portland every year during the Rose Festival. The sailors had 2 things on their mind: get drunk and $&!k. Enjoy the eye candy!

    1. haha “Rock Botton Brewery”, what a name. It’s funny, sailors here often look absolutely overwhelmed, even intimidated by the big city. I tried talking to a few….quickly discovered they are probably best left to pure eye candy!

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