Other New York clichés: A Blogger Buddy!

Remember that time (post) I took you on a virtual tour of FAO Schwarz? I showed you loads of toys and proclaimed the establishment to be my new form of birth control, remember? Well it just so happens that someone who has worked at that establishment read the post. We’ve since become blogging buddies and I am thrilled to feature her today as this weeks Other New York cliché! Take it away Meghan Sara!
Name/prefered pseudonym: Meghan Sara, Meghan with an “H,” Sara without.  What my parents were thinking, I’ll never know.
Borough and neighborhood:
Manhattan!  Fort Washington/Washington Heights – my bedroom window looks out onto the George Washington Bridge! 
Imagine looking out your window and seeing this!
How are you a New York cliché?
Ever since I can remember, living in Manhattan was my dream.  I was obsessed with West Side Story and Rent, and I wanted to live the life of a starving artist!  And now I am… turns out, starving artist?  Not as fun as it sounds in the musicals!
They say no one who lives in New York is actually from New York. Where are you from?
A small town in Upstate New York called Binghamton – known for it’s SUNY college and having recently been destroyed by massive flooding last September.  Yay?
Bloomberg is banishing you from NYC. You have 24 hours before you have to pack up and leave for ever. How do you spend them?
Please don’t judge me but…I think I would eat all my favourite cupcakes for breakfast – Sprinkles, Magnolia, Crumbs, Martha’s.  Then, I would go to St. Mark’s place and get my hair cut and get a tattoo of the skyline – why not?  I’d give money to all the buskers in Washington Square Park, wander the West Village to the river and back, then zip up to Tout va Bien for dinner.  I’d hop a cab out to Coney Island and get DRUUUNK at Ruby’s on the boardwalk and then hurl off the Wonder Wheel – hey, if I’m gonna be banished, I’m gonna EARN it!
What restaurant/bar you keep going back to, even though you’ve been meaning to try a dozen others?
Tout va Bien at 51st and 8th, it’s my go-to birthday restaurant!  The best Italian is in my neighborhood, Saggio, at 181st street – the Burrata mozzarella is what sold us on our apartment.  Best dumplings in NYC are at The Dumpling Man, at 100 St. Mark’s place, I’ve been going there for seven years.  And I can’t pass a Pret a Manger without going in for a cheese sandwich and sparkling water!

Hot dogs or pizza?
Pizza all the way!  I never met a pizza I didn’t like.  I don’t care if it’s 2 Bro’s [$1 slice] or John’s [classier], New York has THE BEST pizza!
So you live in NYC, but what’s one super-touristy thing you secretly love?
I love that you can give a dollar to the Met or the Natural History Museum and just wander around for hours.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of learning – I’m such a total nerd – but I go there all the time and see the same exhibits over and over!
Starbucks in hand, bridge in the background, if that’s not the perfect NY cliche, I don’t know what is!
Ever had a run-in with a celebrity (A-D List)?
I’ve seen John Lithgow jogging in Central Park, I saw Maya Rudolph at work (and spoke to her!  Eek!), and my boyfriend and I SWEAR we ate at a diner across the room from Jerry Springer.  We dared each other to shout “Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!” but both chickened out.
You totally saw something weird on the subway or street today (you may not have registered it was weird because you are jaded), what did you see?
Yesterday, there was a guitarist on the 2 train who was improvising songs and he started singing about my friends and I.  Giving us made-up names, trying to get us to turn around and acknowledge him and give him money (to stop singing, maybe?).  But the weird thing is, the fake name he gave me was “Molly,” and I vaguely remembered having a random street singer call me “Molly” before.  Perhaps this was not our first encounter on the trains…?  Or maybe I just look like a “Molly.”
I do think the name “Molly” rather suits her, but then, so does Meghan-Sara!
What is your favorite fictionalized New York? How does it compare with reality?
I love the old movie “On the Town,” about three sailors on leave who have one day to see New York City.  It’s from 1949, so the styles are old-fashioned, but it holds up!  The lame roommate, aspiring actress with a humiliating day job, missed connections, fleeting romances, etc.  The best part is when they sing a song about wanting to go visit these landmarks other people have told them about, restaurants, and stuff, and the cab driver is like “That’s closed!  That doesn’t exist anymore!”  SO New York.
Plug something! Be it something you are involved in, you significant other/roommate/cat is involved in, or just something you think is extra-special and going on in NYC.
My blog, Adventures in Mediocrity, which is all about me, my life in New York City, and even more crazy stuff that happens on the subway!  
I’ve been giving ghost tours with Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours for a year now, and it is my passion in life right now.  If you love the paranormal, or serial killers, or just learning about New York’s history, you’ll adore it as much as I do!  And you can come ANY WEEKEND, year-round, so you don’t really have an excuse, now, do you?
And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my boyfriend’s magic show, Magic Bazaar, at the bookstore Partners in Crime on May 26th.  

Thanks, Meghan Sara, for being my first blogger to be part of my Other New York cliché feature! I’m dying to know what it’s like dating a magician, I want your ghostly job, and I’m totally jealous of your AMAZING bedroom window view! Check out her blog!

What do you think of this series? Love it so much you want featured? Fabulous! Email NewYorkCliche@yahoo.com.

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  1. jer-ry jer-ry! lol i’d love to visit new york. btw, I’m having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter 🙂 ♥

  2. This post makes me even more jealous that you guys get to live in New York. 🙂 I also wish that I had that view from my window, especially because the view that I currently have is of my neighbors’ apartments. Several of my neighbors like to walk around in their underwear, which would be okay if they looked like Abercrombie and Fitch models. (They don’t.) That’s why I keep my blinds closed.
    I did see Jerry Springer at a bookstore here in Chicago once. He looked so normal in person, if that makes any sense.

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