How To Brighten a Rainy Day in NYC

A wise man (or maybe just some first date that didn’t go anywhere) once said, “You never need to buy an umbrella in New York.” He was right. There are several ways you will acquire an umbrella when you least expect it:

  1. “An umbrella” is high on the list of Gifts to Get Someone You Don’t Know Very Well.  Chances are you will receive one as a gift.
  2. Have a gathering at your house. Someone will bring an umbrella and forget it. This just happened at my Yellow Submarine party. Anyone missing a cute fuchsia umbrella?
  3. Go anywhere in the city on a day with a chance of rain and on the floor of the subway or under the table of a cafe you will invariably find a lost, forgotten umbrella.


It was one of those days where the threatening sky looks like it will open up at any moment. I had a small compact umbrella in my bag. I was prepared. Walking down the street in Chelsea, I saw an umbrella propped against a building that mesmerized my inner child.

It was every bit the umbrella I longed for as a six-year old, the umbrella my practical mother would never buy me because I would have been devastated when I inevitably lost it.

Chances are, it was broken. But this was too rational for the little girl part of me, now jumping up and down with glee! Just as the first raindrops began to fall, I went over and opened it. Perfect condition. I should leave it for an actual six-year-old, I thought, make her present dreams come true, instead of indulging my past?  But….her mom probably wouldn’t let her pick something up off the street….I rationalized. Who was I kidding, that umbrella was mine.


It’s an instant ray of sunshine every time it rains. I stand under it and my world transforms from gloomy and wet to star-studded (it is covered in blue, pink, and yellow stars) and gleeful. Ii’s such a simple mood transformation, I might even buy I replacement when I lose it. I would highly recommend one to you.

With an umbrella that brightens a rainy day, you might just find yourself singin’ in the rain.

You know the cliché! April showers bring May flowers!

Tulips in front of the Plaza

Nothing like finding flowers that perfectly match my second favorite rainy day accessory: bright pink tights!

What are your favorite rainy day accouterments?

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20 thoughts on “How To Brighten a Rainy Day in NYC

  1. I never felt the need for an umbrella like this, but suddenly it looks ever so tempting! Especially with the gloom that is a Melbourne Winter just around the corner. The crowds will be littered with black umbrellas and I could stand out with one like yours! Although, I once had a highlighter-pink-umbrella…standing out that much isn’t nearly as fun as I imagined.

    Beautiful photos by the way 🙂

    1. Highlighter-pink is certainly a stand out. The one I have is by no means subtle, but it doesn’t stand out at first glance. The hemisphere difference still takes me off guard- we’re headed for summer and you’re headed for winter. Stay strong! And if you ever have the urge to visit the states…tis the season!

  2. your tights match the tulips. loving the umbrella. No need for an umbrella here yet, and if it does rain you’re an idiot for going out in a waterfall.

    1. Wow, does it rain that hard? Torrential waterfall with an abrupt stop? That’s pretty rare here. The color tights and tulips is actually my favorite color. Glad you noticed they matched 🙂

  3. I love wearing bright colors when it’s gloomy out! In fact, I’m wearing an obnoxiously neon outfit at work right now. Actually, it’s not obnoxious, but it’s so bright that it’d probably wake up a coffee-less person.

    And that is an awesome umbrella. I’ve always wanted one like that, but I’ll wait until my current umbrella breaks before I buy a new one. Maybe I’ll bash it against something.

    1. Neon! That is awesome. I want your office to have black-light lightbulbs! I think I can stand an umbrella murder on my conscious…:)

  4. I love when it rains but hate to get wet. When I was in college and had to walk to the class in the rain, I always made sure I had and umbrella, rain boots and a hat. I still do that actually…

    1. Agreed. Rain boots don’t work for me, alas, especially cause they can be so cute and fun. My feet need something more breathable and rubber ain’t it. What kind of boots do you have?

  5. I love the umbrella but out here in the desert, seeing those flowers, makes me long for more color.

    1. aww, pick up a potted plant? I always kill house plants, but maybe you’ll have better luck than me! Or get a bouquet, those brighten up a day with out fail!

  6. Love this story! I actually did buy my daughter a similar looking umbrella and she loves it too. I usually resort to the compact, practical umbrella I keep in my purse. But maybe I’ll borrow my daughter’s next time 🙂

    1. I often just throw one in my purse too. But on days when it’s going to be wet and gross aaaaaall day, this one is totally practical. Mother-daughter umbrella trade day?

  7. Here in Washington State (where it rains all the time) I have actually purchased many an umbrella…but I have never actually used one, because they are always at home when I’m out. And also, nobody actually uses umbrellas in the PNW. ; )

    1. Oh the never ending dilemma of never having an umbrella when you need it! I have bought them before, when caught unawares and it was either shell out the cash or get SOAKED. You have great rain coats up north! They’re harder to find here (probably because we’re silly style snobs.)

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