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I am a devoted reader of the blog After I Quit My Day Job by Kat Richter. She’s a self-described serial dater, dance instructor, based in Philadelphia. She is adorable, a great story-teller, and incredibly devoted to her blog. While there have been times my blog has gone neglected for months, she apologizes profusely when she hasn’t written in a couple DAYS, and that itself is rare.

Months ago, Kat did a give-away sponsored by Mitchum Deodorant asking her readers to share: What’s the stickiest, most stressful, sweat-inducing situation you’ve ever been through? I shared a short version of my infamous Safa Boy Saga and was chosen as the winner of a $150 gift card to Macy’s. Which was amazing! No small prize! I was torn about what to use my gift card for. Should I use it to buy the perfect date outfit, in honor of Kat and her many dates and their coordinated outfits? Should I use it to buy the perfect pair of city boots? As an eternal spendthrift, $150 gave me a lot of options. I finally settled on the perfect way to spend my prize. I bought a camera. Who knew you could find such a thing at Macy’s?

I haven’t had a real working camera in the longest time. I’ve become anti-photo after seeing so many people living their lives through a camera lens. Been to a concert recently? You’d be shocked by how many people spend the whole show recording the experience on their iPhone, watching a 3×2 screen instead of actually experiencing! Digital cameras first came out to the masses when I was teenager, I went through my photo obsession then. But this stance on photo-capturing has gone to far. I could be dependent on friends to capture the moments of my twenties, but it’s more fun to capture them myself. Plus, this blog would be a lot better with pictures, don’t you think?

So expect a lot of pictures in the coming weeks. It’s also Christmas time, I’m in a giving spirit. I’ve been working a lot of promotions a getting a lot of swag. Why not share it with my awesome readers?

Remember the free hats I mentioned I was passing out in my last entry He Has A Girlfriend? No? Didn’t read the entry? Didn’t get that far? Well I spent last month in Bryant Park, promoting Columbia Sportswear and passing out really nice, really warm free hats. I’m giving away three of them before Christmas starting today with this one!

This is the actual hat you’ll receive! There are better images on their website.

Check it out online: here. It’s all black, as you can see from the picture, with ear flaps that have a fleece lining. The main lining uses Omni-Heat technology, which was the main selling point of the promotion, and make it 20% warmer than normal! It really is warm and cute too (and retails for $40!)

Voila the lining! It absorbs your body heat and reflects it back. “The future of warmth” they say.

All you have to do to win this hat is read the post I just mentioned: He Has A Girlfriend and comment on it. (Already did that? Missy Me you’re awesome an automatically entered!) I’ll announce the winner on Thursday, so comment before then! It’s really getting cold now, so who couldn’t use a nice warm hat? Good luck and thanks for reading! 

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  1. Thursday, like today?? You’ve been so prolific – I hadn’t clicked in a while cos I thought it was too soon! So excited you won the $150 – and smart you, to spend it on a camera.

    Love your comment about watching life on the tiny screen — so true. I seldom video anything, for exactly that reason. xoxo

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