Can You Handle the BLOOD?

I am incredibly lucky. I have an amazing group of friends here in New York City. Friends who are actors, friends who are not, shoulders to cry on, and at least a dozen people who I know will be in my life always. I have my own little family out here and I don’t know what I would do with out them. Currently, some of my friends are involved in some pretty amazing projects.

[By the Mummers] is a theatre company whose roots lie in improv and interactive theatre. They are an incredible bunch of talented, inspiring, passionate people who work collaboratively to create original work. Over the past two years they have work shopped a musical called BLOOD [By the Mummers] which is now running in NYMF- New York Musical Theater Festival.

Macbeth meets Dracula meets High School Musical. That is BLOOD: “The ambitious upstart, Mack, rises amongst the hallway ranks of pretty girls, nerds, jocks, and studs while best friends Jacques and Maura raise their personal stakes for the sake of survival. One problem – Maura is Mack’s girl. A prophecy determining the fates of the Birnam Woodsmen sets this pop rock musical love triangle in motion…”
If you are a Twilight fan, you have to see this musical. If you like campy satire, you have to see this musical. If you like catchy rock-pop songs that will implant themselves in your brain, you have to see this musical. It’s the perfect show for Halloween!

I am on run crew for the show. This means I run around like a chicken with my head cut off moving set pieces and pretty much whatever else I’m told to. It makes me wish I had more upper body strength. Originally I was supposed to be in the background for some of the full cast scenes- to round out the look of a crowded high school. There is a prom scene that I was originally supposed to spend making out with the bassist of the band. This all got cut due to limited space, but my persona of “Slutty Band Groupie” was already formed. I am dressed accordingly, moving set pieces in an over sized jean jacket and fishnets.

The performances are amazing. Every one in the cast has a comic mastery and likability that is crucial to improv, it really sparkles on stage. It twinkles, dammit (to quote the show.) The set is minimal to showcase the performances. This is a campy vampire musical at its best, with just enough satire and tongue-in-cheek off set by truly touching moments. It’ll hit your funny bone and simultaneously tug at your heart-strings.

I’m not just singing praises because [By the Mummers] are like family to me. I’ll admit my viewing of the show is incredibly biased. But you needn’t take my word for it! It’s been getting great reviews. Backstage called it “one of the freshest and funniest shows I’ve seen at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in a long time.” Checkout the full review here or just buy your tickets now! (Click here for tickets!) If you are reading this right after I post it, the next show is at 1PM (today, Wednesday): in mere hours. If you use the code ‘bld50’ you get half off for todays performance! Full price tickets are $25, still a fantastic deal for live theatre. After today, there are still 3 chances to “Handle the BLOOD”: Saturday October 15th at 4:30PM and 8PM; Sunday October 16th at 1PM. Don’t miss it! And if you don’t like musicals, hate vampires, and have no sense of humor: I’m wearing fishnets and a short skirt. That sight alone is worth the admission price.

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