A Summer Vacation (I’m Not Proud Of)

I have a few announcements. They may come as a shock:

I am not dead.

Nor have I given up blogging.

But I have left New York.

I’ve been gone all summer.

BUT that’s not permanent, in fact I return to NYC in less than a week.


I hate when I go to one of my favorite blogs, checking in vain for weeks, even months, for an update. The neglect and abandonment are depressing, along with the fear that the final entry at the top of the page is the last one. In this vast cyber world, Abandoned Blogs far outweighs any other genre. It is the trap of a blogger. Your blog, carefully crafted with hundreds of hours devoted to it, could easily land in this category. You are the only thing stopping that.

So here I am, stopping that.

I know I disappoint readers- and thank you to those of you who have voiced your disappointment- but most of all I disappoint myself. I really enjoy blogging, but sometimes I just drop the ball. And once you get out of habit, it’s hard to start-up again. Especially when I know I am going feel the need redeem myself. That’s why I’m starting here. The only way is up.

So…Where the hell have I been? Back in Bumblefuck. Remember that place? I’ve spent all summer as a pirate.

All New Yorkers try to get out of the city in the summer, it’s a cliché. Summer vacation is cliché, right? Let’s think of it that way. But vacation is over, school’s about to start. That feeling of “let’s get back to work” is still ingrained in me and I am going to use it. Stay tuned.

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14 thoughts on “A Summer Vacation (I’m Not Proud Of)

  1. It was only the other day i was thinking we hadn’t heard from you in a while. I’m very happy you’ve returned!! This is defiantly one blog i don’t want to see heading into the abandoned blog section of the web.

    ‘A South African in New York’ UHOH. haha

    1. How could I abandon this blog when y’all write such encouragiing comments like this!
      “‘A South African in New York’ UHOH. haha” hahaha my thoughts exactly, but I think she may redeem the country for me…

    1. It was great to be out of the city for the whole summer. I was right by a lake and out in nature and playing the part of a pirate at a Renaissance Faire on weekends. Yeah, it was a great summer.

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