Ten Posts, Ten Days

Well here we are. Ten posts later. Goal achieved!

Things I learned:

  1. I can do it, I can write every day, even when I don’t really want to, I can still do it.

  2. Blogging every day in the way I’ve always blogged is silly. 1000 to 500 words a day? Insane!

3.  You readers that I talk to said you couldn’t keep up with me! So if I blog every day, I’m going to have to change my style.

  1. I have trouble writing less than 500 words. Wordy am I.
  2. Without a doubt, quantity vs. quality. I wasn’t super proud of my posts the way I have been in the past when I’ve carefully crafted my words and done some editing. There were too many nights where I said “This would be a much better post if I didn’t have to post it NOW as it is 11:58PM!”

  3. I talk about my blog more in real life. I’ve said “I wrote a post about that!’ at least 5 times this week. That might be a bad thing.

  4. I now sorta kinda know what it’s like to be on deadline. There were a few evenings cut short- “I have to leave! I have to go home and blog!”

  5. Writing every day is inspiring. I am inspired and have new ideas.

  6. Though it is difficult for me, I can write a post under 200 words. I can even write a post that is a list! These are things I hope to continue working on in the future.

  7. I love it when people comment. It’s a little discouraging when you write 10 post and only get 3 comments written on them. (But those 3 comments were so awesome that it makes up for it.)

It’s worst when you ask something specifically to be commented on and then get no comments so I’m taking a big risk here: What your thoughts on my 10 posts in 10 days experiment?

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4 thoughts on “Ten Posts, Ten Days

  1. I love your commitment to your blog. A good way of avoiding being too “wordy” would be to include a picture (or several) and just a one liner–or no words at all. Much love!

  2. I like it, I think its the sort of exercise that every writer has to do every once in a while, its almost like training for a sport. The workout isn’t the actual game, but it sure helps you once game time comes around. I know its cliche (natch) but writing is definitely a muscle, and this seems like it was a pretty good workout.

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