Friday Night Bytes

Currently it is Friday night and I am at home. I am at home because I have to blog today because of my ten day promise. Because of this goal, my roommate says she won’t let me leave the house until I blog. She’s a good roommate, she supports me in my goals, even taking extreme meassures to help me achieve them. She just gave me a big pep talk You set this goal for a reason. This is for you. It is not for me, I’m not not letting you go for me. This is for you. If you go out with out blogging, you won’t have any fun. All you will be able to think of is your failure. Because if you don’t blog tonight, you don’t achieve your goal. That makes you a failure. DO YOU WANT TO BE A FAILURE?

The thing is, being home on a Friday night, sitting in front of the computer is the very opposite of a New York cliché. Therefore, it goes against everything this blog stands for. And so I’m stopping it right now.

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