Turning Over a New Leaf

We threw a house party at our place this Friday.

And by “house” I of course mean apartment.

“House” parties in New York are funny. Always too many people crammed into too little space. They are a bit of a rarity for this very reason, people more often choose to gather or celebrate in bars or other event spaces.

I happen to be a fan of the house party. So the minute our new Polish roommate (on September 1st we lost a roommate to her boyfriend) told us she was going to visit her sister in Texas next weekend, actually the minute she left the room after telling us she was visiting her sister, we said in unison (because we are totally those girls) House Party?!

Friday night we got a 2 handles of vodka, a 24 pack of baby Coronas, 4 cans of lemonade concentrate and other mixers, blew up a dozen yellow balloons (“They’re fun!” said my roommate. “They’re annoying.” I said. “No, FUN.” she insisted. I gave in. “Fine FUN!), and celebrated the last weekend of summer.

Hosting a house party is a big juggling act- between different groups of friends and meeting your roommates invitees. It’s easy to feel like you aren’t really seeing people, just flitting in and out of conversations. It was a little bit of a teaser, a really fun teaser, because a lot of my guests I had not seen since spring.  Welcome back to New York! was a common refrain. Yes I am back in New York. WHY HAVEN’T YOU UPDATED YOUR BLOG? was another.

My dear readers, and I know you’re out there due to your rightful chastising and “Um, I keep checking, like ever day and get my hopes up that maybe this time things will have changed and then nothing” I’ve been a terrible blogger. But it was just a phase. One I’ve gone through before, I know, and one I can’t promise I won’t go through again. But I can promise that the seasons are a’changing and so is my blog. It’s September and Fall starts tomorrow. It’s the season of getting back to work, getting serious after summer fun. I’ve been denying that ever since Labor Day. Yelling at people, “SUMMER IS NOT OVER! I HAVE TIL SEPTEMBER 21ST GODDAMNIT!!” But now it’s time to accept Fall. Fine. I will.

I’m serious people. And to prove my seriousness, I have a plan. That indicates a level of organization I usually avoid like tourists avoid anywhere above 81st Street. Over the next 10 days I will update EVER DAY. I know you don’t believe me, but it’s true. In those 10 days I will catch you up on the summer. Seeing how those ten days and ten posts go, I will decide a blogging schedule every day, every other day, bi-weekly- and stick to it. That is my plan. My September back-to-school plan. Stay tuned. (And feel free to harass me if I fail! But I won’t because my roommate said if I fail she won’t let me watch Sex and the City and she’s the one with a working DVD player.)

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