• Nothing Beats the Beach

I’ve forsaken blogging for beaching.

Apologies, but can you blame me?

This is the first time I say “I am so glad I’ve left NYC?” If you live there, you know why.

It’s been ferociously hot in our fair city for the past week. Red Cross high alert kind of hot. 100 in the shade kind of hot. Fry an egg on the sidewalk kind of hot. My poor roommates left sweltering in the city finally buckled down and bought AC units kind of hot. Hundreds of miles north it’s a little different. Instead of heat trapping skyscrapers and wall to wall asphalt there is the shade offered by woods and often a lake breeze. It is consistently 10 degrees difference with Bumblefuck the lower end of the thermometer.

I love heat. Heat means sundresses, popsicles, flip-flops, beach hats. BEACH WEATHER! This is what I was wishing for while shivering through the beginning of June. I have celebrated its arrival. I went to the beach every day this week- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (and would have gone today had it not rained.)

The beach is typically a blessed escape from heat, work, the pressures of life, clothing, etc. For me it’s all this and more. It is a return to independence. As I discovered this week, the beach is a bike-able distance from the faire site. The only worthy bike-able destination (so far discovered anyway!) in all of Bumblefuck. Best discovery ever, it is. I can go to the beach whenever I want, stay as long as I want, and not be dependent on anyone but myself and ly legs. I’m not even dependent on the bike, actually, for the beach is not only a bikable distance, but a walkable one. It’s about 2 miles.  Yesterday I went on the perfect run though the temperature was near 90, for my destination was the beach and the idea of cool water immersion kept me pounding the pavement.

Maybe in the future I’ll combine blogging and the beach- that’s what netbooks are for- because I can. The same reason goes for spending as much time á la beach as possible. Because I can.

May you find yourself on the beach this weekend! Because I can’t! For I am a pirate from dawn to dusk Saturday and Sunday and my pirating does not envolve beaching. But more on that anon!

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