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Beautiful Bumblefuck.

There may not be public transportation, skyscrapers, museums, culture, or even sidewalks, but over the past week I’ve discovered a thing or two Bumblefuck has over the Big Apple.

These discoveries are shocking coming from me. I’ve long been a believer in the idea that everything you could ever want can be found in NYC. “Why ever leave Manhattan? Everything you need is here!” That bubble has been burst. Just look at the picture above. There is not a soul in that picture. I can bike for miles and not see a single person. Their dogs may run frantically after me, barking as though their hearts will burst, scaring the fucking bajesus out of me and still- not a person to be seen. On a hour long bike ride, maybe one car will pass me. I have an open road and green sunny expanse all to myself.

Of course I’m culture shocked! In New York City on a sunny day people swarm any grassy area like pigeons to a hot dog cart mishap.

I’m used to seeing this many people and more every single day. Here in the woods, I see maybe 50 people a day- if I’m lucky- and I know and am friends with 85% of them.

All the people I see all the time.

This is my little band for the summer. They are all incredibly friendly, entertaining, and talented people. There are only 6 new cast members this year, everyone else has done the faire before, and we were all welcomed with open arms. There is a wide variation of ages- my pirate crew specifically consists of myself and 2 heavily bearded, intimidating men in their mid40s. Intimidating they may look, especially when in character, but they are two of the nicest gentlemen I have ever met. From henceforth I will (try to) think twice from now on before judging a person by his scary scraggly beard and intimidating bulk.

I suppose I can’t say I am in the middle of no where. I suppose I should say I’m by the Great Lakes. The lake is just down the road and provides a much more exciting activity than going to the grocery store. It provides something one can not do in NYC as well. The group of us went down to the bluffs on the lake to watch the sun set the other night (pictured above!). The wind was ferocious on the water, causing everyone’s hair to dance on their heads, cups of hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps to go flying, and blankets to be a welcomed layer of clothing. Fortunately the wind was blowing away from the lake or we would have lost many a thing off the bluffs. The view was glorious and when the sun set it took my breath away. It’s hard to see the sun set in the city. Here it is so far north, the sun doesn’t set until after 9pm. It’s not pitch dark until 10pm.

Going back to my loft, warmed from schnapps and the lower level of wind away from the water, I stared at the darkened night sky. It is covered with stars. In New York City you can see maybe 10 stars on a clear night. Here in Bumblefuck, you can see more stars in the sky than there are people in Central Park on a sunny day. Breath taking.

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