The Ultimate I Love New York Gift Guide

Most other blogs would call this a “Last Minute” Gift Guide. Not me. In my world, it’s not last minute til it’s Christmas Eve: last New York Minute! It’s certainly not last minute while standard shipping rates are still available! Please!

With 12 days til Christmas, we still have plenty of time! Sorta? Kinda? If you’re stressed out about what to get all the people on your list covered, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! Assuming they’re all obsessed with NYC…but, again, in my world who isn’t!?

Gifts for People OBSESSED with New York City

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A Post-it For Your Thoughts? NYC Subway Therapy

Take the cheerfulness of rainbow sprinkles, add the cathartic value of a teenage diary and throw them together  onto the dirty passageways of New York City. The result is a little NYC phenomenon called Subway Therapy.


Subway Therapy in the 14th Street Passage

Post-it notes of only one shape and size but all different colors are plastered all over the 6th to 7th Ave subway tunnel on 14th Street. Artist Matthew “Levee” Chavez started this and he started in 7 months ago.

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What’s My Problem With a Good Old “Text Me When You Get Home”?

It was a good first date. He’d kissed me at the wine bar in Chelsea where we shared drinks and a cheese plate. “Thanks for buying me cheese,” I’d said. “I know how you can thank me,” he’d replied, and then kissed me. Which was cheesy, but as I’d just thanked him for cheese, cheesy was appropriate!

First kiss out of the way, we were safe from the all too familiar first date New York cliché: the Subway First Kiss. This is a staple of the NYC dating scene: he’s going down town, you’re going up town and you say goodbye before descending to your perspective platforms. It’s a shitty place for a first kiss.

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Girl Power UP with a Anything But Cliché Girls’ Getaway

Once upon a time, long long ago, before the world was scary and we still had hope, I escaped New York for a perfect cliché Girls’ Getaway!


Except there was really nothing cliché about it.

One of my best friends decided to celebrate turning thirty, her bachelorette party, and completing her freaking Ph. D. all in one weekend.

Yep, all three. Isn’t that MIND BLOWING!? We had 3 cakes, one to celebrate each, because just calling it her *Bachelorette Party* seemed wrong. Guys, I’ve never eaten so much cake in such a short span of time. But each bite was laced with her sweet, sweet success so they were the tastiest cakes of all time. Read More

4 Days Since the Election: Girl Power, Terror, and Safety Pins

It’s been a strange, painful week. I’ve walked around New York City with a constant dull ache in my head and in my heart. New Yorkers are notorious for avoiding contact with each other, but everything about the past 4 days has been different.

Eyes meeting, a brief connection that maybe says “I’m here for you.” and definitely says “I won’t fuck with you.”

You can see so much in people’s eyes:

I haven’t been sleeping well either.
I’ve cried in public several times these past few days, too.
Are we really awake? Is this really real?
Fuck wearing make-up.
Is that Beyoncé I hear, pumping through your headphones?

GIRL POWER is the one thing keeping me okay right now.

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