Gooey, Chocolate Chip Cookie Heaven Visiting Levain Bakery NYC

Ask me where the best burger or pizza slice in NYC is and I have trouble answering the question. I’m overwhelmed! Too many options! There are so many incredible places! New ones pop up every month! Can I name my top 5? Even that’s hard! Gah, this is almost as impossible as being asked to name my favorite book!

Now, ask me where the best chocolate chip cookie in NYC is and I’ll reply nonchalantly,

“Levain Bakery. Best chocolate chip cookie in New York City. GO! Post haste!”

best cookie nyc levain bakery

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Love Wall Street Art in No More in NoLita

With hate seemingly overwhelming the country right now #politics2017, I took a walk through the NoLita neighborhood in lower Manhattan, searching for a little love.

A Love Wall, specifically.

love wall nyc

I stumbled across JGoldcrown’s #lovewall on Mott Street over the summer. Any rainbow explosion breaking up the brick and concrete of this city makes me smile, of course I loved it. Simplicity and old school charm. The Love Wall  looks like a page from your childhood diary brought to life. The day your mom bought you a 24 pack of Gellyrolls and you tested every single color with a heart. Read More

White Girl Cliché and the Women’s March on Washington

It’s a strange, strange thing to have a president in office who I know doesn’t respect me. I will never meet America’s new president (thank God) but I was in the same city as him this weekend and I thought about it. Would he grab me by the pussy? No, probably not. An absurd question and absurd answer. That’s the lowest of low bars.

In the eyes of the leader of my country, I am nothing but a chunk of flesh with an assigned number 1-10. He’s made it very, very clear.

You don’t care about the rights of things you assign numbers to. Just ask Jean Valjean (24601) or, yes, anyone who knows anything about the Holocaust.

I was at the Women’s March on Washington over the weekend.

womens march washington dc crowds

March by the numbers?

1 in 5 women will be raped in her life time.
Black women make 65 cents for every 82 cents a white woman makes, and one dollar a white man does.
53% of white women voted for Trump.

I’m a minority on 2 of the above statistics.

womens march washington dc cliche

For actual minorities? 94% of black women voted for Hillary.
White ladies, we fucked this one up.

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Friday the 13th New York NIGHTMARE on 42nd Street

Your Friday the 13th begins at the crossroads of the world: Times Square. The lights are blinding and each animated sign flashes so quickly it feels seizure inducing. Giant billboards proclaim NEW YORK CITY SUPPORTS TRUMP FOR SUPREME EMPEROR and CHICAGO: NOW STARRING WILLIAM HUNG AS BILLY FLYNN! You’re smashed shoulder to shoulder between tourists, selfie-sticks rise above the crowd like torches and pitch forks. “WHERE IS TIME SQUARE?” bellows into your ears at alternating intervals, always questioned with a whining southern twang. Sneakered feet move in unison, side to side like wind up dolls on their last crank.

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A First Date Worth Getting Excited About?

I made the rookie mistake of getting excited about a first date.

Not even a first date! A Drinks ‘n’ Winks! I’d never met the guy before.

If you have any experience with online dating, you know any excitement before a first meeting is a recipe for Disappointment. With a capitol D.

Don’t be excited for this date, Mary Lane. I tried to talk myself down as I Citibiked to meet him at a bar in the Village. You’re just building up a fantasy that’s all going to come crashing down when you meet him. This isn’t fair to him OR you. Come on, girl! Crash and burn those expectations! Read More