Everyone Should Get Married on New Year’s Eve

Remember that last scene in When Harry Met Sally? It’s New Year’s Eve and Sally is at a fabulous party and she’s wearing this fabulous black strapless dress? There are golden balloons and champagne everywhere, and everyone looks like they’re having an amazing night? Then Harry shows up in his late 80s blue jeans, professes his love, they kiss and OMG IT’S PERFECT?

Definitely one of my all time favorite movies. The NY Times just wrote a wonderful travel article about all it’s NYC on location scenes: “In the Footsteps of Harry and Sally“. Definitely adding a tour to my NYC 2017 To-Do List!

I watched this movie at a sleep over when I was 13 years old. A lot of the movie’s brilliance was lost on me. I thought that was just how some ladies eat pastrami sandwiches! I also assumed when I grew up, all New Year’s Eves would be just as fabulous as Harry and Sally’s. Declarations of love included.

Needless to say, I’ve been sorely disappointed every year of my adult life thus far. That is, until this year! December 31st, 2016, all my childhood NYE fantasies came true! DECLARATIONS OF LOVE INCLUDED!! Read More

Sundays Are for Street Art

My name is Mary Lane and I’m a street art addict.

As you can see, I’ve started sharing a Street Art Addicts Anonymous support group.

My obsession has started to affect my relationship with NYC…

I adore this “Concrete Jungle”, you know I do! But…gray walls never make me smile… I’d petition for “Technicolor Jungle” and endure all resulting Dr. Seuss comparisons if it meant there was art around every corner!

Maybe let’s not make light of addiction… It’s Sunday, let’s try another cliché and make light of religion!

Welcome to my house of urban art worship!

As you can see, I’m awkwardly beckoning you to come in!

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Crafty Christmas Tree Shrine to Bowie, Prince, and Others Lost in 2016

My roommates and I threw a holiday party this past weekend. There was enough eggnog, mulled cider, and Trader Joe’s wine to drop everyone’s inhibitions…

…including Pip’s…
…about crafting.

Drinking enough to make out with cute boys in ugly sweaters is so 2015.
2016 is all about drinking enough to pick up that hot glue gun, burns and artistic doubts be damned.

Or, for those in our apartment without opposable thumbs, drinking enough to put your butt in the fake fireplace

My friends are exceedingly creative. After this shit-show of a year, many of us are yearning for an outlet, needing to create more than ever before. On Saturday our outlet was felt squares and pipe cleaners. It started with my wildly inventive roommate saying “Merry Princemas” and exploded from there.

Prince (with Purple Rain)

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The Ultimate I Love New York Gift Guide

Most other blogs would call this a “Last Minute” Gift Guide. Not me. In my world, it’s not last minute til it’s Christmas Eve: last New York Minute! It’s certainly not last minute while standard shipping rates are still available! Please!

With 12 days til Christmas, we still have plenty of time! Sorta? Kinda? If you’re stressed out about what to get all the people on your list covered, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! Assuming they’re all obsessed with NYC…but, again, in my world who isn’t!?

Gifts for People OBSESSED with New York City

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