What I like to read.
Here’s what I like to read.

The Best New York City Blogs

Used York City “From theater to tours, fashion to food, local living to tourist tips, we curate your NYC content to deliver the best of New York, as used by New Yorkers.”

Tracy’s New York Life  “I’ll lament and humor you, take you hundreds or thousands of miles away from reality, only to get stuck in tunnel traffic for two hours, lose a garment while walking down a busy street, or eat in one of the finest restaurants on the planet.”

Today’s the Day I… “For every day in 2013, I did a new thing in New York City. Although I’d only planned to do the blog for a year, I quickly realized that doing 365 new things doesn’t even cover a fraction of what’s on offer.”

Confessions of a Love Addict “A journey…to fall in love with myself and stop worrying about being single or having a boyfriend.”

The Regular Guy NYC As a normal semi-level headed dude living and playing in New York City this is a pandora’s box of a website to talk about and explore opinions and views of life in the big city and beyond.

Noted in NYC “Sometimes I need to stop and notice what makes New York such an amazing city and I figured other people probably do too. And sometimes I need to be snarky about NYC, because, let’s face it — life here can be pretty ridiculous.”

Every Person in New York “[An artist] trying to draw every person in New York. I will be drawing people everyday and posting as frequently as I can. It is possible that I will draw you without you knowing it. I draw in Subway stations and museums and restaurants and on street corners.”

If You Like My Blog, Chances Are You’ll Like These Blogs

20-Nothings  “40% relationship issues, 20% life questions, 10% guessed-at wisdom and the rest a mix of what-the-hells, and why did no one warn us about this?”

Smile Big and Pretty “Someone once said that I have a knack for making the mundane readable. I am hoping this alleged knack will help lead to some degree of success – instead of a tortured future of living in boxes and chasing cats. This is my account of life and the odd jobs I work to support my habit[acting].”

Single Strides “A hopeless romantic taking single strides towards her dreams and savoring the journey.”

Obsessions of a Workaholic “What do you do when life gives you lemons? Re-gift them to someone else.”

The Art of Making Art  “The life and times of a twenty-something professional actor in New York City. Self-deprecating and full of obscure pop culture references, … I CAN promise you’ll be entertained (I hope.)”

Fieldwork in Stilettos “Adventures in life, literature and (the City of Brotherly) love. I write about relationships, travel, bargain basement fashion and the funny things I see and hear around Philadelphia.”

The Things I Learned From “Writer, pizza enthusiast, NYC squatter, self-proclaimed Rockstar. Blogs about dating, epic mistakes, awkward situations.”

Other Blogs I Love

Susie81 Speaks “My posts reflect my mood and experiences and cover topics ranging from books, film, thoughts, daily life, teaching, friendship, relationships and things I find amusing.”

Not Safe 4 Werk! “We’re like E!, only with less Kardashians and more drag queens!”

Life is But a Theme “A Blog of Life and Death in Comedy and Tragedy.”

The Amber Road “This is a blog about the journey we share.  We may be different people, with different beliefs, different life path choices, and even live in different cultures, yet this is about the journey common to us all.”

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