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It seems like a lifetime ago. A horrendously awkward lifetime ago. The first day of freshman year. The day I met Joel. We both wore plastic-framed glasses and were approximately the same weight. Perhaps because of these similarities, we became friends. And have been ever since. My first trip to NYC as a independent adult was with Joel. My maiden voyage to Central Park, we made together.  I remember exactly the section of grass where we sat, admiring the fantastic May weather and the boats on the pond in our periphery.

I thought of those memories while formulating this post, going so far as to dig up some old pictures of the trip. I found a gem of a picture, a “doozy” if you will, taken on a rock formation in Central Park. A simultaneous embarrassment and relief: thank GOD we don’t look like that any more.  My hair is pulled back into a frizzy pony tail, unflattering plastic spectacle frames create rectangles across my eyes. I am outfitted in a Planned Parenthood t-shirt, at least a size too small, highlighting the Freshman 15 located at my belly. Joel is on my left, looking about five years younger than I, a believable fourteen. A “Jew-fro” with no hereditary basis crowns his head, a goofy smile across his face. We are eighteen/nineteen at it’s worst, “the prime of life” eluding our uncomfortable appearance.

I was tempted to post the picture. There is no way you would ever look at that photo and recognize me as I am today. But,

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5 thoughts on “Other NYCs: The Bonafide Brooklynite

  1. What a great blog you have here! Also I was in your neck of the woods recently (went to see Laura Marling at Prospect Park on Thursday) and it made me realize I don’t spend nearly enough time there. So beautiful.

    I’m from Rockland County, NY, and it always pisses me off when people say it’s upstate!

  2. Isn’t it fun how the memories come back when blogging?
    I loved NYC when I visited, and I did a lot when I lived only an hour plane ride away.

  3. I love this feature, and Joel sounds like a wonderful friend. I love Brooklyn too, for the walk across the Bridge, the park, the beautiful 19th century neighborhoods, the Brooklyn Museum, and the innovative restaurants. I recently learned that the young chefs of Brooklyn are idolized by Parisian diners. When some special new combination of foods or flavors comes their way in Paris, they call it “tres Brooklyn.”

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