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Below are links to my favorite posts with a summary of what they’re about.
If you’re incredibly ambitious or just curious, you can find my very first post here.

hopeless romanticPassing Fantasies of a Hopeless Romantic
I notice a handsome man on the street. Instead of undressing him with my eyes (#newyorkcliche), I proceed to project huge romantic fantasies all over the poor, unsuspecting bastard.






Models: Beauty on the Outside, Bitchy on the Inside
I get stuck as the one “brand ambassador” working a job with four professional models, or as I came to call them- ‘bitches’. I feel like a hippo surrounded by gazelles who confirm all stereotypes about their kind.





Sometimes It’s a Long Trip to ‘I Love You’NYCinlovetxt
I show up to the apartment of my boyfriend (at the time) with the express purpose of telling him I love him. Major set back: I find him in an altered state of consciousness.






It’s Not You, It’s Me”: Dumped with a Deluge of Breakup Clichés
Just a few months after I telling him I love him, I get dumped. Dumped with a song and dance full of clichés and reeking of bullshit.






Bikini Season Comes Early: Out in Public in a Bra
I work a gig promoting breast cancer awareness and find myself me on the streets of NYC wearing a bra. Cue body image crisis.






coney island sunrise

Coney Island at Sunrise
I get out of bed at 3:30 AM on Easter morning to watch the sun rise over Coney Island. Never guessed I’d be so happy to be out of bed so early! The pictures are amazing.





The climax of the epic Safa Boy Saga: my “fling” with a nineteen year-old South African traveler. It all goes down in flames when I read his diary and discover he’s been lying to me.






My Boyfriend’s Gonna KILT Me 
My boyfriend (at the time) has questionable fashion sense. He loves wearing kilts. I prep for the inevitable day I will be seen with my kilted man by examining other beautiful men in kilts…




himym-robin-cries-under-desk-w724Put me behind a desk if you want to see my soul shrivel up and die right before your eyes! (I don’t even blog from a desk- it’s that serious.)






Men don’t call me any more. Unless, apparently, they want to schedule a friends-with-benefits arrangement! Behold the most awkward, albeit hilarious, phone call of my life!





columbus circle ballet

Ballerinas Take to the New York City Streets
Two ballet dancers performing full ballet in the middle of Columbus Circle in January. The pinnacle of street performance, I capture some of their moves on camera!






The Man I Met at Goodwill
If anyone in New York City is going to get picked up while thrift shopping, of course it would be me.





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  1. Why 11 and not 10? A tribute to Nigel Tufnel, perhaps? You could have made it an even dozen with “33 Reasons Why I Should Never Work A Desk Job, ” but maybe you’re saving that for the “Fan Favorite” collection.

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