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  1. HI there – we’re Singles Warehouse, an all-inclusive dating resource site and we’d love to work with you.

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  2. You are fucking awesome!! Lol alright let me start from the beginning. I was curious as to what’s on the internet about the comedy ticket dudes in Times Square because I see them constantly (started working in midtown couple months ago) and I stumbled upon a gem called the “safa boy series”. Luckily for me it was 5am and reading this wonderful story gave me just the excuse I was looking for to stay up until 9am and just go to work on no sleep (7:51am as I’m typing this). I’m probably gonna get fired today because I will be going through all your posts. Again you’re awesome and you just gained a follower… Oh and for the record us men do love being called assholes.

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  7. Hi, my name is Rony. I never been in NY but i must say that when i read your blog in the evening on my way home i feel for a few moments that i”m there

    Keep writing, it’s great!

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