My New York Fairy Tale Weekend Starts with a Central Park Rainbow

Once upon a time there was a three-day weekend.


All in the kingdom of Manhattan had three days off work! Three days off school! There was much rejoicing. Some left town for ski slopes or beach houses in Florida. Some crawled under blankets, feasting their eyes on every episode of Making a Murderer. Some rejoiced too much and battled dragon-sized, multi-day hangovers.

But one fair maiden on the whole island did not rejoice. Her name, of course, was Cindercliché . There was no celebrating, no feasting for her. Cindercliché had 9 hours of work for each of the three days of the weekend. “With rent these days, I could have seven dude roommates,” Cindercliché sighed.

Cindercliché rose bright and early Saturday morning. She threw some coffee in a mug, slapped make up on her face, and ran to the subway. The journey to work took her nearly 100 blocks south. When she emerged from the underground into the sunlight, Cindercliché felt raindrops kiss her cheeks. How could that be? Sun and rain at the same time? Suddenly Cindercliché felt giddy. Though she couldn’t cook for shit, this was the one recipe she recognized.

As she dashed across the park, Cindercliché whipped her head around in all directions, just like Pip the Cat does when he sees a moth. She peered between the trees, scanning the blue sky for any other color. Walking out of the wooded area, past pond, she began to feel disheartened. And that’s when she saw it.


RAINBOW! A rainbow and a Central Park scene fit for a fairy tale.

Magical. Cindercliché wanted to stop and watch the rainbow until it melted away. But something tugged at her. The pull of responsibility to get to work on time? Or was it something else? The feeling compelled Cindercliché to run and so she did, dodging tourists, actual joggers, pedi cabs, and carriage horses.

Cindercliché realized she must have a fairy godmother. That this fairy godmother had compelled her to run. Because had she not run, she never would have seen this sight. New York City magic.


So pretty it was, Cindercliché hopped up and down with glee. Bitch looked like Rumpelstiltskin having a fit. “Look! A rainbow!” She cried out, pointing across the terrace. Perhaps they didn’t speak English, perhaps they thought she was crazy, likely both. No one stopped to heed Cindercliché’s cries.

Cindercliché didn’t care! She’d just seen magic in the sky! She arrived 15 minutes late to work. So what! Cindercliché didn’t care! She had a fairy godmother!

The End

(Not Really)

I spent almost the entire weekend inside working. Ugh. But any moment I wasn’t working, something awesome and down right magical happened. First there was the rainbow. You’ve never seen a grown New Yorker get so excited about a rainbow, it really made my day. Then on my lunch break I went for a 20 minute walk and saw this-


Everything about this feels straight out of an NYC fairy tale. I love it.

The day after the rainbow, Sunday, New York got its first snow fall of the year. I left work and literally yelled “OMIGOD” when I saw the flakes coming down. A man passing by heard my outburst but thought my reaction was charming rather than crazy. “I said the same thing!” He chuckled. There’s magic in newly fallen snow.

The first snow of the year is about as beautiful as a rainbow.


Fairy tale worthy, I say! Add a half moon and I swoon!


I never thought it would stick let alone last the night. Shows how much I know! I suspect fairy godmother influence… This was my walk to work on Monday!



If I told you I had a NYC fairy tale weekend, you’d think I got engaged or something. Maybe went on a spontaneous trip to Disney Land? Nope. I had a fairytale weekend working 27 hours and taking a few short walks in the park. Yep, that may be too sunshine and rainbows for a New York cliché, but for Cindercliché  it sounds jussssssst right.

Unless she turns into a witch and starts turning children into cookies and eating them! EEEEhehehehehehEE!


Yeah, if you work all weekend, you deserve a cookie on your lunch break. If you are a dork like me, you play with your food.

Hope your weekend was as magical as mine was!

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