Colorado Wedding: SO PRETTY with Minimal Awkward Moments

Colorado was absolutely beautiful. You knew I went to a Colorado wedding this past weekend right? As the fellow-I’ve-been-seeing’s plus one?

I got very picture happy right from the get-go. The wedding was a two-hour drive from the airport. In the tri-state area, this would be rather miserable. In Colorado, even the highways are gorgeous. Also the weather was perfect every single day. Blue skies with puffy white clouds framing the mountains. I can’t call how many times I said aloud, “Oh! It’s SO PRETTY!”




Our hotel was right at the mountain side. It was certainly one of the nicest I’ve ever stayed in with a pool, multiple hot tubs, and fireplaces every where. Along with deer, elk, and buffalo heads popping out from the walls above you.

colorado wedding

No humidity and mid seventies every day. It’s the first time I’ve been away from NYC in a while where I wasn’t longing for NYC by the end of the trip. Granted, we were only gone for a weekend, but for a self proclaimed New York Cliché, this is saying something.

Neither my date nor I brought hiking shoes, regrettably as hiking was clearly the thing to do. We decided to see how far we could make it in slip on and boat shoes and began walking up the mountain in back of the hotel. Over 8,000 feet up, we got winded pretty easily. At least we could blame it on the altitude and rather than being woefully out of shape! The view was well worth the huffing and puffing.

View mid hike!
We hiked for an hour, said “Okay, that’s enough” and retreated pool side. I wanted to stay in this position for ever.
All the deciduous trees were already changing color, well ahead of the east coast fall schedule. The mountains featured beautiful bursts of yellows, oranges, and reds.



Then there was the actual wedding. It was a lovely, intimate ceremony where I felt awkward taking photos. Not appropriate. So I just didn’t take any! That was pretty much the only thing I was awkward about. Well- almost.

Awkward moment #1: When a wedding guest with whom I was making small talk with said, “I assume he’s your boyfriend, right?” I replied with an awkward stutter.

Awkward moment #2: During the ceremony, the officiant called for the family of the bride and groom to stand. They did. He said some words. Then he called for the friends of the couple to join in standing. Guess who was the only one who stayed sitting. Yep, me. “Stand up!” my date hissed and I quickly rose, feeling like an idiot.

Those were my only really awkward moments of the whole weekend! Pretty impressive, right? Turns out I am in fact a pretty great wedding date! (My only regret is I did’t get a picture of my in my dress- I know some of y’all wanted to see! Sorry!)

A great party, a perfect end to summer, a wonderful weekend get away. I also didn’t end up hating my date, even after spending an entire weekend, four hours in a car, and seven hours on a plane with him!
Win, win, win, win, so many wins!

View of the sunset from the balcony of the hotel room. OH! SO PRETTY!

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  1. Oh wow what a beautiful place to have a wedding – love the picture of you by the pool – blissful and great for it to be a win win all round with only one or two awkward moments 🙂

    Laura x

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