Wedding Plus One Etiquette: 16 Things NOT To Do

16 Things NOT To Do When Attending a Wedding as a Plus One!

1. Over pack

Keep it to one carry-on if at all possible.

2. Wait until you’re on the plane to reveal your fear of flying


3. Dress inappropriately

serena-williams-swim suit
Unless you’re Serena Williams and you’re crashing a beach wedding.

4. Be clingy

“No! Please! Don’t leave me alone for one second!!!”

5. Live tweet 

You don’t want to be the girl on her phone the whole night.

6. Gossip about bridal party fashion choices

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

7. Wax poetically about your dream wedding

Keep that shit between you, your bffs, & Pinterest.

8. Flirt with groomsmen

Even if your date isn’t exactly your significant other, he is for this event.

9. Rigidly adhere to an obnoxiously restrictive, voluntary diet

Unless you want everyone at your table to think you suck.

10. Tequila shots

I don’t care that it’s an open bar, you know this is a bad idea.

11. Get wasted/trashed/hammered/sloppy drunk/blotto/shit-faced/maggot


12. Give a toast

The bride and groom didn’t invite you, your date did. They sure as hell didn’t invite you to give a toast.

13. Cry

“How come no one is marrying me? What’s the matter with me?”

14. PDA

Not in front of parents, grandparents, children, or the bride’s dress!

15. Catch the bouquet

Because look- it’s dangerous! But mostly because it’s more fun for the bride if someone she actually knows catches it!

16. Hand out business cards to your blog when people ask, “How did you and your date meet?”

“It’s a long story…. Here! Read all about it on my blog!”

There you have it! My wedding plus one etiquette, straight from my experience at a wedding where I knew NO ONE but my date! I survived, thrived really, it was a blast!

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