Other NYCs: The Twisted Film Maker

You know that one person at work who you always hope has the same shifts as you? He’s fun and easy-going, you have a similar sense of humor. Chatting with him makes the time go by quicker. You feel like you’re friends until you realize you’ve only ever seen him in his work uniform. That the only conversations you’ve had are about stupid shit that’s happened on the job. A job that holds an insignificant place in our lives, beyond the paycheck.

You learn a little more about him and discover he makes awesome movies. Your sense of humor is indeed similar, but his is darker. Perhaps a bit twisted, in a way that’s perfect for this time of year. You think it’d be fun to actually be friends who actually hang out, but who has time for that in NYC? Especially when you’re both struggling artists with multiple survival jobs. Instead you ask him to be featured on your blog. Thus I bring you this week’s Other New York cliché!

Ryan RigleyName/prefered pseudonym: Ryan “Handsome” Rigley

Borough and neighborhood: I live in the Bronx now, but my heart will always belong to Queens.

How are you a New York cliché?
I went to film school, refuse to get a “real” job, and think I’m better than everybody else in this city. Also, I work in Times Square. That’s gotta count for something.

They say no one who lives in New York is actually from New York. Where are you from?
New York. Actually. I was born in the Bellevue Hospital Center on 27th and 1st.

Bloomberg is banishing you from NYC. You have 24 hours before you have to pack up and leave for ever. How do you spend them?
I would wake up super early and ride my bike over to every museum in the city. There are a lot of museums though, so I’d probably only be able to spend about 12 minutes inside each one.

What restaurant/bar you keep going back to, even though you’ve been meaning to try a dozen others?
This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef. They make these amazing roast beef sandwiches with gravy and Cheezwiz. My friend Mike brought me there one night when we were really drunk back in college and I’ve never stopped going since.

Favorite pizza place: La Traviata Pizza on 68th and Columbus. It’s this hole in the wall place that we used to hang out in after high school that also just so happens to have the best pizza in all of New York City. Really, it’s the best. Really.

Ryan was at Comic Con just like me (click for the post about my experience)!

So you live in NYC, but what’s one super-touristy thing you secretly love?
Sometimes, on my days off, I’ll grab a couple of friends and hit up the ol’ mini-golf course just off Pier 25. Other than that, I absolutely love the Natural History Museum. Anyone who visits me from out of town is guaranteed a visit on me. (But only when it’s suggested donations and I can pay a dollar to get in.)

Ever had a run-in with a celebrity (A-D List)?
Working at the Film Forum during the day, I encounter a lot of really big celebrities coming in to see old or independent films. I’ve ripped the ticket stubs of Michael Cera, H. Jon Benjamin, Jon Hamm, Ellie Kemper, Beck, Famke Janssen, Sam Rockwell, Paul Giamatti, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Also, I saw Uma Thurman ice skating with her boyfriend once.

Ryan Rigley film maker

You totally saw something weird on the subway or street today (you may not have registered it was weird because you are jaded), what did you see?
Having grown up in New York, I have seen a wide variety of absurdities on the streets of this city. I’ve seen a man dressed as a robot sleeping on the subway. I’ve seen a topless old woman playing a guitar in the middle of Times Square. I’ve seen a full-grown house cat sitting on top of a guy’s head as he walks down the street in broad daylight. No wonder I’m so jaded!

What is your favorite fictionalized New York? How does it compare with reality?
John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York” in which the entire island of Manhattan has been separated from the rest of the state and transformed into a massive free roaming prison city. Basically, nothing’s changed.

Plug something! Be it something you are involved in, your significant other/roommate/cat is involved in, or just something you think is extra-special going on in NYC.
Please watch and vote for my short film “M is for Mimes” in the “ABCs of Death 2” 26th Director Contest!

Click to watch! http://26th.abcsofdeathpart2.com/entry/m-is-for-mimes/
Click to watch! http://26th.abcsofdeathpart2.com/entry/m-is-for-mimes/

I wrote and directed it and if we win the short will actually be a part of the finished movie.
Also, I have a website now! Look at it! http://ryanrigleyswebsite.com/

Thanks, Ryan, for being this week’s Other NYCs feature! I love M is for Mimes. I voted for it and hope my readers do the same (to vote you just click the Facebook “Like” button)! Good luck with the contest. Can’t wait to see more films from you. I’m working Friday night, hope you are too!

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  1. Great interview! And I love the giraffe hat; I wish I had my own so that I could wear it on my daily commute. And it would keep my ears warm. 🙂 I’d like to visit Times Square, but I admire anyone who can work there; I don’t think I could handle all those tourists all the time (though I did work at a tourist trap for a few months).

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