Spring is Here! Take a Walk in Central Park

There is a tangible energy change on the city streets. The sentiment of “I’m cranky, cold, and you’re in my way” that has been emanating, all winter long, from those I share the sidewalks with is gone. Now there’s a smile on everyone’s face, or at least a twinkle in their eye, and an overwhelming feeling of, “I’m just happy to be alive and outside!” You might think they put Paxil in the water. It’s amazing what some sunshine can do.

The city is nothing short of glorious. The weather sunny mid 70s. Everything is green, apart from the brilliant blue sky and the colorful flowers that are blooming everywhere.

Yesterday was the warmest day yet, anyone short of the undead wanted to spend as much time as possible outside. I took full advantage of my unconventional work schedule, complete with a picnic lunch and a leisurely walk through Central Park. It was a truly fantastic day. If you are sitting at a computer right now, don’t fret.

Pretend you’re walking with me through spring in Central Park!

Follow me!

You know it’s spring when water returns to this pond- don’t fall in!

Notice the sidewalk chalk? Not my handy work but I love it.


Up the stairs and under these incredible blossoms! Can you even believe how perfect they are?

New York City’s very own castle. This walk just got more magical.

I’m positively skipping and jumping for joy. Spring is here!!

Happy Spring everyone! Hope the weather is as lovely where you are and you can make the most of it this weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Spring is Here! Take a Walk in Central Park

  1. I love New York City in the spring. In the summer time it literally smells like urine and garbage in every corner. But then the city empties out and it’s a bit more relaxing. I used to live next door to the Eldorado building last year…I think its towers are pictured in the ‘castle’ photo. Happy Spring!

    1. wow, you lived in a fantastic area! and yes, New York is so lovely for those split seconds when it’s not miserably hot/cold. I’ve actually been able to smell the flowers on certain blocks!

    1. I was hoping someone would say that! Thanks!! It’s funny, every little change I make on here I over analyze- “is it for the better??” Thanks for reasurring me this one was!

  2. Oh my dear… The Magnolia trees, they are…. Well, I don’t know if there even is a word for it 🙂 I will definitely be back here to follow your New York story.

    By the way, my bf lived there, so I’ve been there five times and I absolutely love that city too 🙂 Thank you for leaving a big bunch of comments over at my place!

  3. WOW how beautiful is it there? I would love to visit NY sometime.. its on my to do list. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

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